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Autumn builder of communism

Painting, 1999, 77×64.5 cm

Description of the artwork «Autumn builder of communism»

Once having herring in stock,
Petrov went to the grocery store quickly for vodka.
Came back home. The door is closed. Calls
- Who's there?
“Petrov-Vodkin,” Petrov says.

I go to the workshop. The left shoulder is warmed by the rays of the autumn sun. Red-orange maple gives the land received in the summer. The mood is quiet, nostalgic. Without poems is impossible!
"Sad time!" and then "Eyes Charm!" - Great allowed themselves.
Or this: “Autumn has come, the flowers have dried up, and sad bushes are looking sadly” - this is Plescheev.
Here, Agnia Barto: "The leaves fall, the leaves fall, the garden is buried in the leaves, the leaves rustle sadly ..."
Pensive Pasternak saw this: "Golden hoop lindens - Like a crown on the bride.
The face of birch - under the veil Wedding and transparent "
Linden in the golden crown of the newlywed - beautiful! But where did this beautiful poet see the yellow veil ?!
Nekrasov was depressed: "Late autumn. The rooks flew away, the forest was laid bare, the fields were empty, but the strip was not compressed alone ... It leads me to a sad thought."
Then the blues passed, and he happily exclaims: "Glorious autumn! Healthy, vigorous air tired forces invigorate; ice is not strong on the river as icy, as if melting sugar lies ..."
Ivan Bunin good! He admires:
The forest, like a painted tower,
Purple, Golden, Crimson,
Merry, motley wall
It is above the light glade.
But not always - "The water lilies have bloomed, and the saffron has faded. Paths are cut out, the forest is both empty and the goal is."
He is echoed by the namesake: "As a sad look, I love autumn. In a foggy, quiet day I often go to the forest and sit there - I look at the white sky ..."
Blonde bully bully "Quietly in more often juniper on the cliff. Autumn, red mare, scratching manes.
Can Balmont, and finish the autumn excursion into poetry?
The sun laughs less often
No incense in colors.
Autumn is coming soon
And crying when you get woken up.

Honestly! Another piece of Apollo Maikov and all.
Leaves rustle under foot;
Death spread his harvest ...
Only i am cheerful
And like crazy, I sing!

Phews ... And how much more can you tear into pieces and pieces, beautiful sad-joyful Russian poems about autumn ...
But ... We will not go deep - ahead of the story.
I go to the workshop. The right shoulder warm rays of the autumn sun. Red-orange maple gives the land received in the summer.
I go up to the attic to the fifth floor. On the fourth stand, overworked, spattered with whitewashed work boots.
You can get to me only from the “back door”, therefore the boots standing there as if say: “We were thrown out!” I think this: I will wait, if in a week they do not move, it means they definitely threw it out. The rusty leaf still stuck to my sole for clarity.
All week, going up - going down, checking - a leaf in place. At neighbors, below the floor, they stopped knocking, it means that the repair is over - it means they threw it away as unnecessary.
Took. Brought Put it on a stool. I sit, I admire.
Parallel to the admiration, there is a search for the possibility to insert this masterpiece of overalls into the picture. To depict just one shoes, even SUCH! - I was not interested. Then it was not interesting. In those years, there was a craving for "psychological still life" and I "twisted my arms" both in my brain and in nature.
On that day, all admiring and over. The idea either comes at once, or walks by itself, and you run after it, catch up, grab the collar and ask: "Well, shall we work, or what ?!

The days were wonderful ... ("stood" - why did they stand? Maybe in the fall - that's it - stand?)
I came to the workshop, glanced (again, the stamp ...) on the shoes and felt that the image was growing dim and distant, but I didn’t want to hide them among the accumulated junk — I hoped the idea would come.
And she came. Here is her approximate route: Autumn. Leaves are falling. What are falling maple autumn leaves like? On ... chervontsy. On the Soviet red-orange, once dear and desired. They were often unsuccessfully waited, and then they suddenly fell from no one knows where, and if you do not have time to collect and dispose of, turned into autumn maple leaves - flashed brightly and disappeared. Someone gathered in a pile and brought it to an unknown destination. Sometimes they penetrated the lining, sometimes they hid in a thick book, sometimes they lay quietly in a drawer, moved further and further.
It was a symbol. It was completely symbolic to sit with him in a restaurant (if allowed), buy two boxes of beer (if delivered) and still had a beer. Go to the cinema, theater and the stadium many times. And it was possible to zanykat and wait for better times. Times have come, but by the green.

In the workshop you can find everything. And if in the fall there appeared work boots - they should be poured on ... Of course, THEY are native, desired, red leaves-gold pieces.
Rummaged in the studio all that could be (much is not reachable ...). And, almost desperate to find, he found what he was looking for in the book The Treasures of the Hermitage. Usually, a beautiful autumn leaf is dried so that it does not twist. Chervonets lay alone, without noisy twin friends, and it seemed - touch and crumble. But it was made from quality paper and printed with quality paint. Some advice was made very high quality, and the symbol - from this number.
Is it now possible to find out how he got there? In the Hermitage. Maybe this is a hint?
(To the treasure, of course.)
A small obstacle inconsistencies in the amount of availability (I apologize for ...) was eliminated by repeated repetition of the symbol on the canvas. Chervonets multiplied and finally found its twin brothers.
To one character is another. Are these shoes not a symbol ?! What else! And autumn is a symbol. Sad and ...
"Sad time! Eye charm!"
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About the artwork

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Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Still life

Style of art: Realism, Symbolism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1999

Size: 77×64.5 cm


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