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Lefty from Kiev

Painting, 2014, 75×55 cm

Description of the artwork «Lefty from Kiev»

Once Prince Repnin-Volkonsky
Ryumashka pushed ... This is - by the way.
He was a significant figure.
With a charitable foundation.

“We are poor people and we don’t have a small-scale microscopic camera because of our poverty.”
N. Leskov. "The Tale of the Tula Oblique Lefty and the Steel Flea."

The real name of Lefty, like many other geniuses "from the people", was lost. Therefore, I hasten to report one of them.
Sometimes, people are very lucky to meet with wonderful people. And sometimes, no luck. The first, of course, more interesting to live.

Did you see Lefty? Not an illustration to the story Leskov, and the living? I have seen! And not only saw, but also worked alongside, and celebrated personal and social events. And he was not a "scythe", but like most people, right-handed. And I still have the honor to be invited to various personal and public holidays of the Ivanitsky family. And you admire the head of the family, his texture, his hands, his laconicism. And the light emitted by his talent and simple, but real human nature.
Observing the hands of Slava Ivanitsky, and then, considering what he did with these hands, he could not understand - HOW ?! As these widest palms and fingers of the hammerman can be made the finest enamel miniature, from which it captures the spirit. Dry enamels do not have colors before firing, the brush with which they are applied to an image, under a microscope, consists of two or three hairs, fired at a temperature of 750 - 800 degrees - and as a result an image comes out that is painterly thin in color with the softest transitions of shades!
I would have seen Leskov Vyacheslav, would write Lefty-2.
I would see a set of pearls in a case, created by Vyacheslav as a gift to his wife, would write Lefty-3.
I would have seen the conditions in which Vyacheslav worked, would have written ...
How interestingly life is arranged - Leskov is already mute, and Lefty are still found.
Need to write yourself.
Are monumentalist and enamelier standing in the same row? Knocking a hammer on a chisel, the inner hum of disturbed bronze and silence in the miniaturist's workshop. Are any kinds of creativity similar to each other? Multi-figured compositions of the Sistine Chapel and the thinnest enamels from the Hermitage collection?
Communicating with Slava, unwittingly thought about it. For me, Ivanitsky is a giant! Not only external texture, not only perseverance and dedication. Imagine an ant raising the trunk of a redwood tree. Or an elephant embroidering a cross. A person who is not familiar with the intricacies of enamel art will never think about anything like that. Take my word for it - what Vyacheslav Ivanitsky does (and other talented enamellers) is real magic! So ... the "Anglitsk nymphozoriums" were shod earlier, they are shod now. Therefore, the Don Cossack Platov was not surprised by the foreign “wonders” - he knew: “It’s not worse”.
I tell myself: enough about different things, let's get closer to the topic!
Closer to the topic.
That enamel art is not taught. Maybe somewhere once taught. Or rather, when Slava began to raise this matter, there was no one to teach in the near future. In a huge Union, there must have been some very narrow specialists working on individual orders “from above,” but teaching ...
Glory, the whole school of this wondrous type of creativity of the human spirit passed by itself. Somewhere, someone spied on, for some pamphlets, rare books, catalogs of museums and so on. Burned up much, spoiled, started anew and ... reached.
Reached excellence. Supreme There would have to put a lot of exclamation marks. But, I was afraid to break the silence in the enamel workshop.
Yes, and write more - too much - is it necessary to write about Talent? Maybe you need. BUT - better to watch. And admire.

A little bit about the portrait. A different viewer can ask a simple question: "So, why, as a citizen of the portrait painter, did you hide the hands of this" giant "(as you called him) in the pockets of his pants?" I will answer to another viewer like this: And so as not to scare. All one does not believe that such a very fine master has a blacksmith's hand.
Now in Kiev, this magic begins to come to life quietly, and even in an applied school a group of brave Lechshean "descendants" appeared. And the young disciples reached out for Slava, and he generously shares his experience, overwhelmed by years of searching and discovery.

Outside my window distant lightning flashes and half-thunder. Soon, apparently, there will be a thunderstorm. This is wonderful - everything will grow and moisture will not be superfluous.
To end this text like this: Talent is the sparkling of lightning in the dark, it is a blessed downpour to a dry, cracked from the ordinary, human nature.
Shine, dear friend, Glory and may the Lord prolong thy days on this earth in health and fulfillment
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2014

Size: 75×55 cm


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