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To go, or not to go?

Painting, 2010, 70×80 cm

Description of the artwork «To go, or not to go?»

Once upon a time Sacco and Vanzetti
Got alcohol online
Bartolomeo and Nicola
In the morning they asked for brine.
- Electro-chair and Coca-Cola!
Go home for pickle!

The fish is looking for where it is deeper. Jew is looking for where the fish is.
He often has to change places of search, moving with continents, oceans, states and nations.
A lot of fish, but not enough for all Jews, especially stuffed.

Matvey all conscious life was looking for the application of his powerful nature of small average height.
I was searching in the murky depths of jewelry. In the endless expanse of painting and applied design. In odorous cooking backwaters.
Everywhere is intense, creative, enthusiastic and unimaginable scale. He was loved by all - parents, wives, children, friends, neighbors, customers and distributors of its products. The latter were especially loved. So much so that all the proceeds from the Mitin candies dissolved somewhere, never reaching the manufacturer. The candies were of great quality! Especially, if to consider that one of the ingredients was ordinary beets.
Having a rigorous inclination to a wide hospitality and stress in the media (based on ...), Matthew had to deal with an ordinary moonshine. But here he has reached transcendental heights! Once, in the midst of strenuous anticipation to add companions, Mitya managed to kick out the purest aluminum teapot from an enormous aluminum kettle using a hot plate. I testify: we did not kill him. He lives, thank God, until now.

Tired of searching for food in the thickness of the Soviet reality, Motya began to think more and more about other reservoirs where his powerful search engine talent would find the best use. First, in the Benelux countries, where he was offered to go out and stop by again. Then in the historic homeland, where, using his talent as much as possible, they did not recognize him as a full-fledged Jew. Then in central Europe, where it rages to this day. Is it successful? I do not know, he is silent, like a fish - he does not write, does not come, does not call for a visit. Maybe preparing for a new swim?

Why did Matthew compare to fish? Externally, it is a little like a representative of the aquatic fauna. On the other hand ... All Jews are fish. They do not change their appearance for centuries, swim where they want, feed and nourish, they are destroyed - they multiply, they are ridiculed - they laugh at themselves along with everyone ... What are not fish?

Every time, leaving, Matvey convened friends, wives, girlfriends, children and arranged luxurious farewell. He knew how to do it. We told him wishes, cracked amazingly tasty snacks, had fun, talked impromptu, sang songs and dispersed by the morning. A few days later, Matthew disappeared.
It took some time and ...
Motya appeared in his huge awkward apartment, convened friends, wives, girlfriends ...

Somewhere between the next diving, I caught him and thoughtfully reflecting on the eternal Jewish question of “Go or not to go?”
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2010

Size: 70×80 cm


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