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Painting, 2018, 65×55 cm

Description of the artwork «Wunderman»

It's easy to be Ivanov
With you you will not drink unic,
But he will support you with a toast,
When you are Ivanov-Reasonable.

There is no portrait yet. On the canvas light outlines. The color scale and character of the character is just being planned.
A cold fell into bed and we can only wait and hope for a speedy recovery. For example, tomorrow. Kalina brings to nausea, from honey reduces jaws ... Want to smoke and drink mineral water from the refrigerator. I tolerate.
But to stand home stays hard!
I will try to compensate for the application of paint on canvas by applying letters to the screen, that is, by describing the character.
I know this wunderman from his earliest childhood. Next year he will turn 30. Looks, or rather, makes an impression, quite wise man’s life, you should listen to his arguments. Although a child did not file and did not promise to file. Of course, this is my impression. Those closest were most likely thinking and observing otherwise. They, most likely, remember from his childhood only theirs, and I, as an outsider, and even with long breaks, remember mine. Fragmentary.
When the wunderman was about five or six years old, the guests came and the usual kindred feast began.
Dad said, "Dear, say a toast." And he poured him some kind of effervescent type of cola. The young wunderman, as expected, stood up and said aloud: "Toast!"
All clapped and began to cheer, they say, come on, go on, speak further, do not be shy, we listen carefully. Toasting gathered spirit and repeated, but not with such heat: "Toast!"
When, for the fifth time, the guests with frenzy began to pester the young Wonder with the same sentence, he burst into tears and, through sobs, quietly said: "Toast."
The second time in my life I encountered an unusual attitude to the ordinary. The first time was still in kindergarten. Baby publicly, shaking his finger, said: "Just try again so to do!" When he was caught on the same thing, and they began to disgrace in public again, he, suffering noticeably, said: "So you yourself said, try again! - so I tried."
I still can not understand - what is it? Immediacy, the beginnings of wisdom, malice, or something else ???
Let's go back to our Wunderman.
Primary School. Somewhere in Africa, the usual drought. At school, the usual mass swim on the theme "Let's help the starving children of Africa! Your kilogram of rice will not let them die of starvation." The future Wunderman strongly urges parents to make drawings. Good deed! Dad goes to the supermarket in the evening. But, alas, the rice is over. Noble parents of noble schoolchildren dared him from the shelves. The whole. And in other markets too. Dad has nothing left but to buy another cereal. In the morning, the wunder was given a package, and he was going to school with satisfaction. Returned all in tears.
- What happened dear? Has anyone offended you?
- The whole class (sobs) brought rice, the whole school - rice, only one I (sobs) not rice.
- It was not in the rice store, dismantled! Bought that was. Take it easy. Your gift is no worse than rice, it also helps the children of Africa not to die of hunger.
- But it was written "RICE"! And they all brought rice. There was enough for everyone in the rice shops and only I did not have enough (tears again). Why didn't you say right away that it was not rice ?!
- And what would you do if you said right away?
- (I thought, calmed down). I would not go to school.

Pops out of memory.
Once again, in the hospitable home of Wunder’s parents. He is 13 - 14 years old. He is going on a hike with friends on nature. Summer, hot, and long hair in their company is no longer cool. Need to have a haircut. Requests money for a haircut. I heard how much it costs to get a haircut in their beautiful country. Dropped completely in the sediment! Immediately translated into cigarettes, bottles, paint, canvas ...
“Wunder,” I say, “let me cut you, cut all my children and all my friends, and everyone was happy!”
- Are you sure you can? - asks Wunder's mom.
Mom is experiencing more son. The son is at a loss. The economic toad provoked such confidence in me in my abilities in the soil and the field of the ancient profession (the one you thought was still ancient) that I thought of myself, and this calmed my mother and son.
He asked for the sharpest scissors, comb, sheet. Proceeded. Cut, dear reader, you don’t have to paint the pictures - one wrong "stroke" and ... Mom, from anxiety about the appearance of her son, kept spinning around me and her excitement passed to me. One awkward "smear" - and in the hair on the nape of the patient a gap was formed. I had to remove it by reducing the size of the surrounding hair. Mom, unable to withstand the tension, ran into the kitchen. But it was too late. The entire hairstyle of a young budding Wunder, consisted of finger-thick hair.
He took off the sheet, brushed the remaining hair from the patient’s shoulders and, singing about Figaro, offered to react through the mirror.
Having told Wunder's mom that the cigarettes were out, he washed off, anticipating the consequences.
No matter how much you run away, you can't go anywhere. We barely talked with Wunder's mom. She immediately said that I should not be so close to me so close to such and such. And sho still say, if everything is correct? Wunder suffered this trauma as a real wunderman - calmly, courageously and with irony. After his arrival from the campaign, a conversation like this took place:
- Uncle, everyone decided that this is a new very cool style. They asked who cut me? I did not tell them. I hope you do not mind?
How grateful I was to him! How I began to respect him!
But Paris ... Vunder is 15 years old. Comes into the most expensive car dealerships. He is interested in technical parameters, prices, comparative characteristics with other models. Managers are surprised, politely talking with the young man, as with a potential buyer. Maybe a little condescending. The young man no embarrassment. Writes something in a notebook. The whole salon is sure - it will grow and will drive on such models.
The following year, the "young man" 30. He drives on public transport. It also says a lot. And why the Aun Martin rapper? To whom to mn in 30 years?

I asked myself the question: "How does a wunder differ from a nevunder?" Climbed on your page in and what I found there? I found there almost completely Woonders! And nothing strange - I try to paint those whom I know well and they are cute to me, and I like some very much!
Well, this is, let's say, for me, but what about the others? Others have different ways.

The last meeting with my hero took place recently - he invited me to visit. With many adventures (about them in another text), I arrived in a beautiful, very correct country, where Wunderman has the opportunity to work, support his family and invite relatives to some kind of general plan event.
The very first chat in the pub, behind a mug of a wonderful local drink, made a strong impression on me. Namely: I understood this person: a) knows a lot, up to the rules of air travel, b) pays little attention to the knowledge of the unsure, c) confidently knows how to apply himself, d) is ready to spit in a test tube and make it to everyone around and (e) with all this, he looks modestly on his mind about ten years younger than his own. I really liked him then and I decided, on arrival, to make up his portrait. To a reasonable question: "Why not leaving the cash register?" The answer is only one: "Now there are no people capable of posing many sessions - all forge metal and move the world to powerful technical progress." There may be another reasonable question: "Where are we next ?!" I do not dare to continue this topic - so we will always be distracted from the main thing - Wunderman.
Garrick Potter - Wunder? No, this is a kind of Alyoshka Popovich of the 20th century, but without a young man of distance and a sword. Instead, he has a magic wand and a kind of strange color magic. This wunder does not stand on the side of good in the fight against evil. He stands by himself. On the side of good shoes, a good tie and an understanding of the situation. Wunder will claim a lie just like the truth. Not for personal gain, just this is the situation at the moment. And that means the truth.
All this flashed in my mind for a few days of observation Wunderman, the future character of the portrait. Now it remains "a little" - to recover and translate it into reality.

The cold, as we all know, "lives" a week and a half, art - forever.
In confirmation, I enclose a finished portrait.
$3 500
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2018

Size: 65×55 cm


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