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Painting, 1988, 80×65 cm

Description of the artwork «Nyupad»

He lay in the morning in a weak hangover,
(I decided to sleep a bit more)
Then a woman fell on me
From the wall, like a hammer.
Hitting the groin at an angle from the frame,
As if shouted: Get up!
Get up, scoundrel! - the lady fell down
And once fell - please!

I was pained and sad -
Could traumatize my groin.
A portrait to the waist is only oral ...
Not finished ... in the legs ...

And then I realized - the output is simple:
Always beautiful lady in full growth!

We sit with a colleague in his workshop, drink the last three ways. Teshim
hoping for uninvited guests. Usually come with a load. WITH
load - not worse. Quite the contrary - we have already accepted and will
add, and the guest will only begin. So, we are the roof, the furniture and
devices, and they, visitors, - with the container. Well, and talk for
art. We always have this as much as you want.

Sit. Port Suspended Boring From the snack left one white radish, salt and
a crust of rye bread. The colleague periodically looks at
window and hush teeth. Began to look in notebooks, asking a friend
from a friend: This will not give? And this one? This can, but will not. Yeah here
there is always this, but he never sits at home. Here, look, this
the young lady will easily lend money, but she needs to be invited.
- Is she nothing?
- She has very big breasts.
- I do not understand, what have the chest, and even a big one?
- This is how I remembered.
- So call me.
Ten minutes later, a colleague returns.
In half an hour there will be. With a friend.
- About the girlfriend you did not say anything. Does she have big breasts too?
- Chest? Ahhhhhhhhhhh, haven't you got acquainted with the ladies for a long time?
- This is how I remembered.
- She is cool - brings a port-hang, but does not drink herself.
- A friend?
- How do I know?
Sit. We wait.
- Maybe you even preserved some lying around?
- Yes, relax you, she and zakus sure to bring.
- Oh, really cool.
- Yes ... Only sticks strongly on the female part.
- This is nothing, the main thing - to capture the port. And chew.
- Well, I do not doubt that - I have never come empty yet. Once even
champagne dragged.
- What for us champagne ?!
- This is how I remembered.
After 32 minutes, the doorbell rang.
A colleague went to open. I quickly removed the stalks of radish, bread from the table
and two empty glasses with purple stains. Took a relaxed
pose and lit up.
Come in. Ahead Big Breasts, behind her - the average.
- Well, hello, boys! - says Big Breast.
- So you really artists? Will you show us something? Where are you
working, right here? Artists are said to be rich people. Are you rich? And what
we then have a whole bag of booze-snacks with us
tied up? - non-stop scratches the average.
- So, - says the owner, - "What, where, when," leave for later, and now URGENT TO
Opens the bag and ... I have not seen such abundance for a long time - an extensive
the amount of port with a capacity of 0.7, some convolutions, bags,
bags, jars. On the one hand, it was not entirely scientific.
it is impossible to drink in liters after a long state of thirst - it is fraught. And with
the other - who will slow down on the road of happiness on the way to
enjoyment ?!
They accepted it in the first (in the sense of - for guests), in the second, in the third ...
With such a snack does not take it. As a lyrical digression:
Anyone who accepts from his youth on the chest knows - is spent on abundant
snack, when limited in money - wasted money. There were cases
use pumpkin seeds for this particular purpose. Well and
sniffing sleeve, the case is very familiar and common.
We sit, drink, talk talk. The state is strange - not
sober and not drunk. And the guests have already reached, and, both.
- You claimed that Big Breast does not drink? - I say quietly to a friend.
- It was so, - replies. - But something in her life has changed.
And begins to slowly stick to the middle. She giggles and, like, does not mind.
At the same time, Big Chest gets up, goes to me, touches
weakened body easel falls on the table. Utensils scatters in
different sides. I barely manage to save the bottle from spilling.
We carry fallen on the couch under the giggle girlfriend.
It is clear - in this situation I will only interfere with a friend
implement and produce. I look at the clock and say the traditional
phrase: I have to go, I'm waiting. And leave, slightly staggering.
The next day, having hope for "left there", I head to
colleague to implement. I call. Border is locked tight. I call for a long time without cleaning
finger from the bell button - a colleague must be in the workshop - he is nowhere
before two days does not come out. Behind the door is silence. And behind the noise
morning city. Yes - I think - hangover on the ball will not work. It's a pity.

Slowly going to leave. Slowly I turn to the city and ...
From under the arch is approaching the Big Breast. In the right - red string bag,
left - a bunch of lilies of the valley. Looks with swollen eyes, nods slightly
head. Pulls out the key. Inserts into the keyhole. While i'm strong
surprised, about to ask questions, the key came up, the door opened.
Enter The hallway tidied and aired. Big Breast pulls out
string bags of kefir, loaf and some package. Pours water into a glass
and puts in it a bunch of lilies of the valley.
Still surprised, I'm going to ask, but I'm ahead.
- They are sleeping. I woke up early, found the key and went to the store. Very there
wanted to. You do not want? I can fry eggs.
- BUT ...?
- Yes, two more bottles left. Will you?
- So I am alone, somehow not very ...
- No, today I am only kefir. I can keep you company with him.
I did not have to persuade for a long time and we settled down for yesterday,
already tidied up, a table - I'm with a bottle of port wine, she is with a bottle of kefir
- Are you an artist too? Where is your workshop? And you can see your
work? Did you draw naked girls? And they were not ashamed? And how are you
persuaded them to this? Listen, persuade me. I have big breasts and all
the rest looks good. Well, what are you, start to persuade ...

Finishing off the first from yesterday and in a pleasant state
resumption, I asked myself: do I want to be engaged in coloring and, judging
around the rest? Not! - answered myself. And given the complete absence
drinking companions on the second - all the more. Most likely, he was wrong, but ...

A few days passed, again declared to the workshop. Detailed recollection with
master port adventure.
- Tell me, why did you hurt Big Breast?
- Offended ?! Than?
- Refused to do her portrait. At the same time, the infection, her own port, was all vlakal and even
did not leave a friend!
- So you slept, but I could not stop. Sorry.
- Come on, I'm sorry, but ...

I did make up the portrait. But judging by the impact of the corner of the frame in the groin, after
42 years old, Big Chest did not excuse me.

Colleagues, do not hurt nature!
$2 500
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Nude

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 1988

Size: 80×65 cm


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