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Unforgettable Frantisek

Painting, 2015, 71×64 cm

Description of the artwork «Unforgettable Frantisek»

Once upon a time old Mendelssohn
He said to his little son: "Honor the dish!
Keep our Jewish style. "
I had to hold through Bartholdi.

Unforgettable Frantisek

I mentioned this amazing person in another text about another extraordinary person:
They are both very wonderful and very similar in their greatness, but František will certainly need to be put in some special red corner of memory. I have such and Frantisek is there with all his artistry, goodwill, thirst for life, everything bright, unusual, whether it be landscape, country, "oil painting" or a huge hippo. Frantisek has friends all over the world. Everyone calls him to visit and he invites everyone to his small apartment under the roof in a small Swiss town. He did not forget the Soviet tanks on the flowering, spring boulevards of Prague, but ... if not for them, he would not have had to tell thirty years to Swiss schoolchildren about the Book, about the Savior, about the Virgin Mary, dropping seeds of wisdom and piety into children's hearts. Having no idea about German, Frantisek absorbed it so that he could pass a very difficult exam on theology and teach it to children of the mid-twentieth century and teach successfully. Many people remember from classical literature the attitude of the young fools of the Russian Empire to the law of God. I hope, in those days, there were separate representatives, lighted in love with children and the Book, in return by their disciples and their parents. But I was not able to read about those.
Walking with Frantisek is pleasant and interesting everywhere. In the city where he was a teacher - especially. They greet him and stop to talk, wave their hands from the windows of cars passing by, the owners of cafes and restaurants invite you to drink a cup of coffee, keep fresh buns for him, keep them cool, introduce their wives, children and grandchildren ... And all this is his students and already aged parents of students. All know him, remember and love. He rides a bicycle and a small scooter. He wears brightly and always carries a mouth organ. She takes it out in the most unexpected places (for example, on the escalator of the metro) and plays a cheerful Tyrolean melody or Chopin's waltz, or blues. At first, people turn around in bewilderment, but then a smile illuminates their faces and you begin to understand: for a good mood you need a little bit - you need a good man with a harmonica in the most inappropriate place to play on it. And so that everyone understands - he plays just like that, from an excess of love for people and for the surrounding world. But the people and the world are worth it. What prevents many from living joyfully? Maybe the lack of a harmonica?
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2015

Size: 71×64 cm


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