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Artist Vyacheslav Breysh

Painting, 2012, 79×71 cm

Description of the artwork «Artist Vyacheslav Breysh»

Sixes drink and drink aces,
Once said Lao Tzu,
The world is dual, so teaches Tao:
Dzy - sober, thumps - Lao.

So. Not a word about politics.
He lives in the world a very interesting artist. Completely unlike anyone. But outwardly, perhaps, it looks like someone else, but its works - by no means. I ask: "Glory, why, mostly, Japanese, negros, geisha, sumo wrestlers, samurai?"
- So, - Slava answers, - and what ?!
And I understand him!
Some paint flowers, other trees and water. Depict Mary in labor pains. A.S. Pushkin on the pot composing another masterpiece. Leo Tolstoy, looking thoughtfully, like a steam-puffing locomotive on his desk, is about to move A. Karenin. Men in the station toilet. Or publicly beloved "Black Square" ... Artists are in a hurry to take a seat, sound, win Olympus, leave a mark ...
And sho do? And they want to live beautifully.

One boy was asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
- Bourgeois!
- Why ?!
- And they do nothing and they have everything!
Perhaps Slava as a child dreamed of becoming a samurai or a sumo wrestler? But certainly not an astronaut.
He grew up, called him to the railway troops and not somewhere, but straight to the BAM. Here it is, fate! To Japan, one might say hand in hand! But Slava did not file. Debt, oath, and so on, and so forth, and so on.
He returned, a handsome corporal, and ... no, did not take the katana in his hands, took a pencil, a brush and began to teach himself to depict a dream. And before that I learned that now, looking at the Canvases of Glory Braish, you might think that the ancient culture of Japanese painting lacked exactly the style of “Braishi-e '. Having counted 52 directions of Japanese art, it got off track and stopped counting. But the works of Glory are not lost in this a flowering Japanese garden of styles and trends. Yes, and Slava himself would not have been lost, if he served with his hand in his time - he was two meters tall, spread his shoulders, fit his head, exquisite beard and mustache, his timbre ...
But why should the Japanese have more competition? Why does this ancient culture have a powerful rival? There is an assumption - the Japanese entrusted Slava to promote their culture, in the center of Europe, providing (when ?! where ?!) ?! keys to the secret rooms of the asymmetric Japanese soul.
Once sitting in front of a colleague in his basement workshop, listening to wonderful music, sipping at all not sake, eating not raw fish with rice ... thought: how does one or another idea come to the artist? Why does one copy the visible with the eyes and the other portray the dream?
I ask again: "Glory, why, mostly, Japanese, negros, geisha, sumo wrestlers, samurai?"
- So, - Slava answers, - and what ?!
Not talking to my interlocutor. Does not like to rant "for art". And I understand him - why talk? - need to do!
And Glory does. Fertility is incredible! Working capacity is awesome! Dozens of sketches for any work! And what is the order and cleanliness in the workshop! I want to come with my slippers!
And then, let me not believe anyone, but I will persist in thinking about the inconsistency of the entry in the column "nationality" in some individuals with their actual membership in a completely different nation. Of course, you sit with the artist quite a bit and are immediately visible and understandable - Glory, thank God, not Japanese. I have absolutely nothing against a highly cultured, industrious, a lot of suffering people. But, Glory - Japanese? It is not right. However...

Once ... a small group of Kiev artists offered to exhibit in France. The composition was very different both professionally and by age. Painters, graphic artists, sculptor, jeweler, textile artist. Age from 20 to 60. Everyone - identity, size, talent! And yet ... Glory stood out. Young, handsome, impressive, the work is unusual, the flow is unexpected, the name is rare. Alsatian citizens were easy to pronounce the name of Vyacheslav, unlike the others. My, for example, could not.
Success was overwhelming! 80% of sales! We arrive at 9 am for the opening, and a small people are already standing, waiting for the hall to be opened! This is incredible! Moreover, we are completely unknown to either the local public or the surrounding. Yes, they knew us and in their homeland only in a narrow circle of specialists (with the exception of the distinguished Olga Rapai). Of course, we must pay tribute to the organizer and the person who embodied the whole of this idea - Olivier Favre and his wife.
Morning. Wife Olivier Florence calls a friend.
- Honey, have you already visited a charming exhibition of Ukrainian artists?
- What, you were not?
- So, tomorrow I will call you and ...
- Honey, well, how are you? What are your impressions? What did you buy?
- How, you did not buy anything at all ?!
- So, tomorrow I will call you and ...

It worked smoothly! But, basically, the interest was shown by ordinary citizens, close to the admiration of the beautiful. Works Vyacheslav went to "Hurray!". Glory has not yet reached, at that time, a real level of normal remuneration - his tablet, on a beautiful stand, "grew thin" every day. Such beauty, but for such a price ... Alsatians knew how much.
Unlike the then non-Alsatians. And the French ... They melted and languished. Slava enjoyed success not only as an artist. He was close to French citizenship. But ... Glory and did not file here. And we left the same composition as we arrived, greatly relieving the load of the van with the sold works. The ladies did not throw off their caps, but some sadness in the surrounding Alsaces was observed.
I began to go more often to the basement of Slava. Observing the evolution of his technology, he tried to understand how he achieves this or that effect? I ask: "Glory, and how did you do it?"
- Where?
- Here in this place.
- So, - Slava answers, - and what ?!
I really wanted to have at least one Slavin job. Understanding perfectly well that I wouldn’t draw for “so much how much - how much?”, Suggested barter - a portrait to the composition. Glory liked the portrait, I - composition. Until now, I have a feeling of uneven exchange - some kind of portrait for such a complex and diverse work! The difference between the first portrait and the second is five years. But how nature has changed. How much thoughtful wisdom appeared in the face of Glory. If we put a samurai helmet on his head ... the protagonist of the film "Seven Samurai" will be naturally. Even his eyes became slightly braced. The artist Vyacheslav Breysh mass awards and diplomas. If I were able to direct their flow, I would assign the title 'Narodny' to Glory. And although such a title (as far as I know) exists only within our thoughtful reality, I would assign Slave the title of People's Artist of Japan. With all the Japanese consequences.
Banzai to you, Glory!
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About the artwork

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Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 2012

Size: 79×71 cm


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