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Ours in the desert

Painting, 2018, 75×80 cm

Description of the artwork «Ours in the desert»

With Petrov will not help drink
Neither fat, nor herring.
But everything will be possible
When Petrov, but - Vodkin.

Nikolai is a separate song. He is like everyone else, but ... slightly different. Slightly heartier, a little kinder, a little more attentive, and, of course, disinterested. It's like in my youth, I met a girl - she did nothing at all, and you don’t have souls in her! And to the question "Well, what did you find in it?" - you get lost and do not know what to say. But you know for sure - you won't be lost with this person. All this is Kolya. And it's great that he was born a man! Yes, in general - it's great that he was born and that I once faced him a long time ago. And, although he is from me for a couple of thousand kilometers, I still pester and, sometimes, depict. Nicholas portray - a pleasure! He is always different, always expressive, always disposing. You start to paint and you want to finish soon, until the feeling of pleasantness of communication is cold. Yes, I communicate with him during the coloring, I talk and ask: "Well, Kolya, it turns out, do you like it?" And he, as usual, replies: "Well, sort of."
The portrait was born from Nicholas's next trip with his faithful wife to the land of the pyramids. Many will say: "Nothing unusual, something similar happened to many." And I will, nevertheless, argue, or rather repeat: "Slightly more warm-hearted, a little kinder, a little more attentive, and, of course, disinterested."
How many people need "Pharaohs", "Nefertity" (can "Nefertit"?), "Sphynx" and other Arabic "cranberries"? The question is complicated. Asia with Africa is a dark matter.
Grandma stands in a draft, in a damp underpass, holding a plastic cup in her hand. She looks under her tired legs with concealed longing. Quietly, almost to herself, she repeats certain words she can understand. People run past, in a hurry, they are sure that old age does not threaten them. Someone suddenly slows down and fumbles with his hand in his pocket. About him with displeasure hit running. It is familiar to us and many times seen.
The tourist comes out of the snow-white tour bus. In the heat, in the wind carrying sand. And ... crowds of young and not very natives rush at him, in questionable clothes. They have one goal - to sell, to impale, to force to give dollars for anything - “ivory”, “ebony”, “precious stone”, “archaeological rarity” ... In Africa, probably, there is Odessa and its Small Arnautsky lane where it is all made. The tourist does not need all this, he was strongly warned, he remembers all this well. But...
Nikolai is ready to lend a helping hand (from the purse) to the poorest layers of the near-pyramidal people. Without thinking about the consequences. The consequences are heavy. A helping hand is one, a purse is one, and those who want to be among the benefactors - there is no number. I bought a bag with painted pyramids, flaunted - I ALREADY PURCHASED! Does not help. On the contrary - once bought, then go ahead! Kohl would be happy to buy everything! But he did not come to the dump truck and his wallet was not designed for everything. Sho do? To everyone to smile, say "dunk shon" and gently shake off the citizens of friendly Egypt who grabbed the clothes. This does not help either. Exit - or hide in the pyramid, or on the bus. You can pretend to be a sphinx, but it is much more difficult. Yes, and the memory of something can be eager for rarities tourists.
You will look into the face of the little black, handsome, curly arab, smile, he will dazzle smile in response. Peace, friendship, frendshaft! The boy politely offers help on a rocky, crumbling downhill. Have gone down. On the face of the young servant the white-toothed smile disappears. He extends his hand and firmly says: "Bakshish!" But Kolya doesn’t need to smile - he has more important information on his face: he is inclined to baksheesh. And a crowd of hopes for the future of the Arab world always goes after him, never ceasing to vote.
Guide warns: "Please do not look into the eyes of sellers, otherwise they will interpret it in their own way, that is - BUY!" Nikolai does not know how. Do not look people in the eye? Is he a spy? An endless chain of shops, shops. Everywhere greetings, wishes for a good day, an offer to stop by and just watch. Kohl smiles at everyone, responds to everyone, comes in, looks, buys something, thanks. In the hands of a bunch of packages. The wife is dying of stupid walking with obstacles. In the center of shops and shops quite a bit, but all around the tables with a variety of goods. On one pile of trouser belts. Kohl suddenly remembered that he had long been going to buy a good belt. We stopped. Look at. There are negotiations on quality, price and other important items. Since the promenade had just begun, Kohl suggested that the owner buy his goods on the way back. Walking in the center, they returned in another way. The next promenade, Nikolai did buy a belt, but from another seller. They come back and ... shout to the whole street: "I knew that you would come back! I believed in that!" My wife passes by, Nikolai cannot help stopping - the man remembered, believed! After 10 minutes, comes to his wife with a new belt.
- Why do you need another one, you already bought it ?!
- Do not give anything.
In Cairo, as many know, the Nile River flows. But few people know that Nikolai is an avid fisherman. Not once sat with him for spinning on the shores of the mighty Swiss lakes. Nile is not a Swiss lake, but ... the reservoir is the same! Such a pass Kohl could not. Once there is water, there must be a fish. I can very well imagine the expression of the faces of customs officers who see a tourist who has flown into the desert with spinning. However. Another hot day. Another tour of the places of military glory of Thutmose III. Kohl sees from the bus window the river! So why does this Thutmose ?! Kohl brakes the bus with bewildered tourists and informs his wife that he will return to the hotel by taxi. But he could not return. And not because of the fish. It should be noted that the descendants of the pharaohs, at the time of Kolina’s fishing, somewhat pacified their extremism towards the authorities, and it was relatively calm in Cairo. And here sits a Russian peasant with a Ukrainian surname, with Swiss citizenship on the banks of the muddy Nile, doesn't touch anyone (except for the alleged fish) and then ... Did he bite? Dragged to the bottom? No, gentlemen, comrades, - bullets whistled at the temple ... It is useless to dig in - the ground does not allow, and there is nothing. I had to retreat crawling with dashes. It was the shortest fishing in the life of Nicholas. But the coolest one - to catch fish in the war zone under the whistle of bullets, little did any fisherman have to. And tell, so no one will believe. You can imagine the beginning of the story: "I sit on the bank of the Nile, I catch fish, but here ..." No, they would not believe it.
The next day, at the airport, when searching for baggage in Kolina’s bag, they found a box with baits.
- ABOUT! What is it spicy in places brilliant in places?
- Blesny, - says Nikolai, - bought in Zurich, brought here, and now they are flying home.
“No,” they say in a pure Bavarian dialect, “this can be dangerous to the life and health of passengers.” Hooks, though small, but sharp.
Kolya tries to prove with all kinds of dialects that tackles for fishing can not be dangerous for people - not a fish! Then one of the servicemen (maybe a fisherman too?) Leans towards Kolina's ear and whispers: "Bakshish."
“But I don’t have your pounds anymore.”
The servant calmly listens and says in a business-like manner: "And here you are, two steps from the bank. Exchange."
Swiss lures were paid twice.
But there was also a holiday for Kolya’s soul on earth in Egypt. On his next visit to quiet Hurghada, without revolutionaries and whistling bullets, Nikolai hired a boat, he was taken to the sea and there, among the azure waters, he caught a whole basin of fish. And ... gave them to an Arab, the owner of this tourist attraction for especially spurred tourists. Not to carry fish from Egypt to Switzerland.
There in Hurghada. Beautiful beach. Nikolai is learning to surf. The teacher shouts to the whole beach: "Handsome! Well done! First time, and what a good one!" In pure Yaroslavl dialect. Cleaners are explained in three to four languages! About the guides and say no need - full language stuffing!
Excursion in the open "jeep" in the Bedouin village. All shook "Arafat" - according to the instructions. All the way one Arab photographed pilgrims. A car was banging about stones and pits, dust with a sand column. All shook like peas in a bag. Upon returning to the photo and video - a luxurious golden desert, blue sky and Kohl and his wife rush in the "Arafatka" with happy faces towards the dream! And only $ 20. Who taught them?
Airport. The last moments of stay in the ancient land of the Pharaohs. Everything is quite civilized, almost like everywhere else. Devices of the first inspection. A boy flies up to Nikolay and his wife: "Are you in Zurich?" (Did he look at the tickets?) Shows, they say, follow me! Near a huge line for inspection of bags. The guy grabs things, rushes around the people standing and shoves bags directly into the mouth of the inspection machine. Bags leave on the other side. Around full of employees in the form. No one pays attention to the young entrepreneur. Taking things, Kohl and his wife are sent for registration. Flies up, confidently, masterfully, without a shadow of obsequiousness, stretches a strong palm: "Bakshish."
Who taught them? What courses do they take this science?
Visiting Nicholas on a visit, observed a myriad of "sphinxes" and other "nefertity". Generous hand traveling and good soul. Probably, Kohl is well remembered in the vicinity of Giza. Certainly - by his smile, by the open surprisingly bright face.
But, baksheesh, on occasion, are required. This is not in the underground passage with a plastic cup to stand on.
$3 500
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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2018

Size: 75×80 cm


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