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Abraham and his son Isaac

Painting, 2016, 65×70 cm

Description of the artwork «Abraham and his son Isaac»

Zederbaum got up (responded - Martov),
Zinoviev rose (that is, Aronov) after
Trotsky got up (the essence is Bronstein). At the start
Kamenev got up, and easier - Rosenfeld.

At this historic moment, in connection with the well-known events, Ukrainians and Russians came up with nicknames-synonyms. And the Jews, they were ALWAYS! And different, but the main - "Jew". Users were not interested in the origin of the word, the main thing is that it should be offensive. And it sounded, and in fact they were offended! I myself beat in ecstasy of indignation and beat me in response. I beat it clear for what - they wanted to offend. And why did they beat me? For offense. "Sit!" - say the dog. And she is not sitting. They beat her. She snaps. Beat even angrier.
Then, one clever person offered to ponder the issue of the appearance of touchiness. The conversation went like this:
- If they call you "Negro", will you be offended?
- No, what is there to be offended? I'm not a Negro.
- But you are a Jew, and why do you take offense at the word "Jew"?
- So this is insulting! - "Jew"!
“I don’t see anything offensive,” said the intelligent man. Negros in America are offended by the word "Negro" and they came up with a replacement - "African American." And you came up with a replacement, just a little bit the other way. On the contrary, to be offended. So spit and do not react.

Politically correct verbiage from the depths of the Interior Ministry came up with the phrase (by analogy with the "person of Jewish nationality") "person of Caucasian nationality" (?!). It seems there is such a nationality "Caucasian". Sheepdog breed is available. Maybe they meant it?
And yet, in the same depths, was born such - "the face of Slavic appearance" ... I wonder why the Jewish-Caucasian - "nationality", but the Slavic - "appearance"? In my opinion, for the first two, it is appearance that determines a much greater affiliation.

Many have heard the expression "They are not beating on the passport, but on the face." I was on the passport. Faced in his youth, did not belong at all. As soon as they heard the name, knowledge of the fifth column was not required. The strength of this full name struck — it was typical Slavic among a neighbor, and you looked strictly at his appearance and ... People looked, strongly doubted, but when they met, they calmed down. And I knew his mother well. Wonderful was a woman. And stuffed fish - still did not eat better.
So what is more important appearance, or name? It's like where. In line - appearance, in OVIR - full name.
If the curly, red-haired, with glasses on a characteristic nose, thin legs - certainly beaten.
Chubby, clumsy, big eyes, full lips, cheeks scarlet, dressed neatly - even worse.
So they sit at home, sawing violins, solving chess problems, reading various books ...
And those that are free to walk, then shout: Jews, Jews ... So they themselves drove them into music, chess, science. Maybe they would be happy not to do anything of this, but simply merge with their surroundings. Do not give. And among the muses, it is somehow not customary to look in the passport and ask for the full name. Muzam to one place the nationality of your mother. They are interested in your domestic baggage, which, by the way, my mother packed in childhood.

Arriving in Israel for the first time, I immediately felt the difference between Jews and Jews. Their Jew will try to understand you, will offer a dictionary, will call the Russian-speaking. Our Jew, without raising his head from the papers, will repeat one thing: "Le rut!"
A Jewish Jew's face is over his shoulders smiling, slightly ironic. At ours - at the level of the chest, at best - boring, at worst - evil.
Ours immediately after the OVIR - into the desert and 40 years to drive, until they squeeze themselves out drop by drop. And it is better to press immediately on a hundred grams. Maybe then you will have to run less in the desert.

Before this work, the idea of painting characteristic Jews did not arise. The expressiveness of the face is important to me, and it did not matter what nationality it would be. And then I got on the Internet such a Hasidic that I could not tear myself away from his physiognomy. But he did not pull on one alone. I had to look for him a couple. The pair was found and immediately opened the meaning of the topic. Biblical relationship of father and son. Through the centuries, in our time. This connection is not quite clear to me, but I feel its existence. Maybe this: every father - Abraham, every son - Isaac.
How many "Isaacs" and "Abraham" were sent as a sacrifice to the god of war, or to the earthly god of evil and profit ... Maybe they hoped that at the very last moment the "fate of the invisible hand" would be set aside.
Unlike the text of the Book, in our book of life, the hand catches up - tries to offend, hit, kill. The frequency is different - from units to millions.
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Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 2016

Size: 65×70 cm


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