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Maestro Kulai-Kulaichuk

Painting, 2009, 105×70 cm

Description of the artwork «Maestro Kulai-Kulaichuk»

Once drank Sergeev-Tsensky
From morning to evening - all is not enough!
Orlov-Chesmensky told him:
His mustache flowed into the mouth did not fall.

If you compare a person with a watercraft, then Oleg Stepanovich, of course, is a 'hybrid yacht'.
This is, so to speak, an introduction to the topic.
Most likely, the hero of this text does not agree with me. The phrase 'hybrid yacht' - for his delicate ear will be inconsistent.
And sho do?
At first I imagined who (the yacht is nothing, the yacht — who!) Looks like Oleg Stepanych? Looking through various objects and phenomena of the surrounding life, he stopped on the yacht. Climbed to the Internet, according to 'types of yachts' and discovered ...
'Yachts are sailing and motor. Motor yachts are used for fishing, to quickly move from one point to another, as well as a leisurely rest. Sailing yachts are preferred by athletes and fans of extreme entertainment; training and a special diploma are necessary to manage them. It is sailing yachts participating in sports competitions and sailing regattas'.
There is something, almost like. Especially - "... leisurely rest." But ... "athletes and fans of extreme entertainment," "training and a special diploma ..." - is no good.
Next there is:
'In addition to sailing and motor yachts, there are also hybrid yachts. These include motor sailing. Their main difference is that on motor-sailing yachts sail for the most part performs only a decorative function. Occasionally, some coastal yachts designed for beach activities are equipped with a jet of water instead of a motor. On such a yacht, you can swim in shallow water, not afraid to run aground '.
Here it is! Phrases - "performs only a decorative function", "intended for beach activities" and "not afraid to run aground" seemed to me quite suitable.
May the possible reader forgive me a forced quotation, but I wanted to be precise in defining such a floating phenomenon as Oleg Stepanovich.
And where does this 'Favorite and lover of the muses ...' float? Where he wants, there is floating. That sailing. Then on the same motor. It will unfold the canvas of the sail, cut in the screw of the motor and dissect it, and dissect it ...
And ... only spray of foam, and the inevitability of the horizon! Already breathtaking. Especially if you look from the shore.
And then he will stand on the mooring lines at the landing stage, wind the end on the bollard and ... stand in the muddy water of the bay until the wind from the sea blows out onto the expanse of a creative wave. I saw it myself - it blows it out. And then you can't catch Oleg. Then Stepanitch is a sea wolf, despite the fact that he has a fine connoisseur of sophisticated first class cabins. Deceptive appearance.
Once a strong wind from the shore somehow especially blew the 'Favorite' into the open and he returned from a journey with a small masterpiece. In the picture there is nothing to look at. But when you look, you understand: this is a masterpiece! Is it on the beach make up ?! When I manage to face-to-face with this little jewel (so the jewel should be small!), I quietly freeze and can't take my eyes off. Everything is clear - at first I laid it, then I missed it, then I loosened it, then in some places I aggravated ... But after all, it is not clear! How can you create THIS in the complete absence of availability? Here, now I will describe to you the 'plot'. Imagine - a wall, a door, a gas cylinder, a broom. All .... This is all. There is nothing else. BUT! There is everything that should be in the masterpiece. Not for me to tell you - who didn’t lose consciousness during a close encounter with Vermeer? Or, for example, with the early ...
If I were the Hermitage, or, say, the Louvre, I would pay any money in any currency in order to HAVE this great masterpiece in my collection.
And this hybrid yacht just gave pricelessness to another wonderful person, who admires every day so much for nothing. One humbles - another wonderful person realizes that (!) In front of him hangs on his wallpaper wall the color of coffee with condensed milk.
And Oleg, like any yacht, loves elegant rigging. Sparkle, snap off the starboard side, tune in the sun with the glare of the eyelets and go ashore in steep loafers.
And, of course, a mustache. Like a fur seal.
Here, almost so I found him in a pause between swims. You look at the portrait and you can’t say about the image: 'hybrid yacht'.
But, dear connoisseurs of life, gaze into these fictitious eyes, in this position of enforced waiting, in folded hands, accustomed to set sail, measure traverse and tacks ...
And you will certainly see - in front of you ...
7 feet under the keel, Maestro!
$12 000
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About the artwork

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2009

Size: 105×70 cm


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