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vladimirovna Elizarova Kudukhashvili
born in 1951 •
Biography and information

Eva Kudukhashvili Elizarova professional Artist and Painter.

He graduated from the Art Academy in Tbilisi
The art of creating his own school, the Cosmic Expressionism.

Since 1987 up to now has 100 joint exhibitions as well as personal As the birthplace of the rest of the world and other major cities.

His work’s is a rich collection of businessmen around the world
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About me
My name eva elizarova kudukhashvili. Biography of Eva Yelizarova Kudukhashvili 1951 - Eva Yelizarova-Kudukhashvili was born in the village Tsitelubani of Gori district of Georgia. Her mother, Nadia Yelizarova - an ethnic Jew, father, Vladimir (Lado) Kudukhashvili - a descendant of Scythian and Sarmatian princes. Eva has recently discovered that she had royal origin. According Jews, Eva Jews. According Ossetians, Ossetians Eve. But Eva says that Eve creative person and the whole world belongs to Eve and Eve belongs to the whole world, and world peace. picturesque Eve is very bright and beautiful and Eve is giving the whole WORLD. The owner of a long fiery red hair, her hair is very shining in the sun. blue-green eyes and milky white, dotted with freckled skin, Eve is inevitably at the center of public attention. As a child, has a passion for drawing, she knew that would be a great artist. And so it happened. Eva Yelizarova Kuduhashvili has her direction in painting.
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Roman Temnyi

    Eva vladimirovna Elizarova Kudukhashvili. ,,eterniti of love"
    Eva vladimirovna Elizarova Kudukhashvili. ,,dance"
    Eva vladimirovna Elizarova Kudukhashvili. ,,love"
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