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born in 1953 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
Alexander MATYUKHIN, artist,
graphic designer, photographer

Fascination with visual art (painting, graphics, photography) come from Mature childhood and youth of the author. For the first time his passion for drawing came at the age of 17.
After serving in the army, he studied painting in the Studio of Honoured artist Piotr emilyevich Bendel.

The plots of the first paintings of Alexander "was born"
emotional experiences and travel.
Portraits, still lifes, landscapes… Them in his art collection a lot.

But special, "Covenant area" his addiction began
not just landscapes in General, and specifically a favorite place of Moscow region, Istrinsky region, and "new Jerusalem monastery" at all times of the year.

This is a series of thematic programme of work that is applauded by not only admirers of his talent,
but the author himself.

As with any artist, took place in his creative life group and author of the exhibition, but most importantly, canvas long was in the stands, and were given to friends or were purchased by private collectors.

"I would like to write more paintings". — the author admitted. "A photo captures a real moment" and "live painting" deep, it generalizes the experience and always represents the individuality of handwriting, was found and successfully opened the subject of the plan, demonstrating mastery of the artist."

Skillfully wielding composition, location in object space and the subjects, color and texture, he always enjoys the event. But for him it is important and privacy. The achievement of unity with nature, and the state of creativity, when it
not able to observe over time.

All the "parallel trend" author’s creative design or operational set — either distract, or help to create new paintings? Who knows…
The artist is always alone with the world, and nature always maintains its unhurried dialogue with the author, creating a new — product…

This is a significant part of the realization of his artistic world
to which Alexander Matyukhin seriously, thoughtfully
and thoroughly. The handwriting of his works are understood and remembered,
as everything is done from the heart, not by the urgent request.

Almost 25 years Alexander enthusiastically engaged in photography.
But perhaps not every author can say that about myself:
"My work and life is filled with creativity and joy from meeting new and interesting people, with young
and older characters Strive to see and capture beauty even in the most ordinary event…"

Valery Sienkiewicz,
journalist and eyewitness,
with respect…
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Фриц Ашер относится к художникам, которым нацисты запретили работать, выставлять и продавать картины.

Albina Putyakova
Albina Putyakova
, January 17 08:39 AM 2
Original   Auto-Translated
Luxury post, thanks!
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.
Viktor Tsvetkov
, March 16 04:40 AM 0
Original   Auto-Translated
мазня,,, правильно, что его запретили в Германии, типичная еврейская мазня...
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Miriam Eskofet. An Angel at my Table
An Angel at my Table
Miriam Eskofet
2017, 100×70 cm

Aleksandr Matyukhin
, January 11 05:00 PM 0
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Alexander Matyukhin. "It melts. April" The New Jerusalem. Istra
"It melts. April" The New Jerusalem. Istra
2017, 35×50 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. Spring. The Outskirts Of Moscow. The Village Konkovo
Spring. The Outskirts Of Moscow. The Village Konkovo
1973, 11×15 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. Svetlana
1974, 27×38 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. Still life (watercolor)
Still life (watercolor)
1977, 42×64 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. A study in Abramtsevo
A study in Abramtsevo
1980, 26×22 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. Smolensk b.m. Novodevichy convent. Moscow
Smolensk b.m. Novodevichy convent. Moscow
1980, 40×50 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. Manakina.(copy predpole.portrait of V. A. Lopukhina)
Manakina.(copy predpole.portrait of V. A. Lopukhina)
1970, 13×17 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. Boy with a dog (copy of Borisov-Musatov) (tempera,paper-craft)
Boy with a dog (copy of Borisov-Musatov) (tempera,paper-craft)
1985, 20×28 cm
Alexander Matyukhin. Through the branches
Through the branches
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