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Mikhailovich Korneev
Biography and information
He came from the burghers of Khorolsky district of Poltava province.
He was sent to study at the Academy of Arts at the age of eight. The first three digits he passed in three years (instead of the nine). In 1794, he was listed as a student of the engraving class, the following year — in a full-scale class, and graduated from the Academy as a historical painter. He studied with A. Ivanov, A. Egorov, S. Bezsonov, P. Ivanov and V. Shebuev, who were slightly older and had completed their studies earlier.
During his studies, he received in 1795 a large silver medal, and in 1799 — a small gold medal (for the painting "Angel takes the Apostle Peter out of prison"). Finally, in 1800, for the painting "Exile from the Temple," he was awarded a large gold medal and received the title of artist. Only one drawing was preserved from his works of the academic period — "The removal of sinners from hell". Emelyan Korneev was released from the Academy on August 18, 1800, but among the twelve students (a large number of pensioners indicates a strong composition of this edition) was left with her as a pensioner. Four of the best — E. Korneev and sculptors I. Terebenev, V. Demut-Malinovsky and I. Moiseev acquired the right to go on a trip abroad in three years. But the fate of Korneev was different.
In 1802, he was sent on a three-year secret expedition led by General Sprengtporten; for three years, traveled the European and Asian outskirts of the Russian Empire — from Kyakhta all the way to Corfu. Korneev drew a large number of drawings during the journey. From Corfu island, Korneev wrote to A. S. Stroganov: "Having longed to see Italy for a long time, I sacrificed for three years of my journey through Russia and Siberia. Finally, being so close to it, I dared to ask the permission of his Excellency General Sprengtporten to follow His Excellency Dmitry Pavlovich Tatishchev, who was going to Naples on a military frigate … I consider it my duty to notify you about it and ask for your betrayal in this case. I will expect your orders in Naples. " Visiting Italy, Korneev July 5, 1806 returned to Russia. For a picture of this period, "View of the city of Athens," he was soon after his return was awarded a gold watch from the imperial office.

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Emelyan Mikhailovich Korneev. Bakhchisarai Palace
Bakhchisarai Palace
Emelyan Mikhailovich Korneev
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Emelyan Mikhailovich Korneev. Bakhchisarai Palace
Bakhchisarai Palace
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