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Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky
Voronezhskaya Oblast' 
born in 1973 •
artist, collector, gallery owner
Biography and information
Soviet and Russian painter, Sergey Nikolaevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. Born on May 4, 1973. Member of the professional union of artists of Russia. He graduated from the Ryazan Pedagogical University. The participant of the annual exhibitions held by the Department of Culture of Voronezh: "Breath of Spring", "Autumn Mosaic", in the Art Museum. Kramskoy "Holy Fire", etc. And also, the competitions held by the Moscow Union of Artists of Russia, Mark and the Federal Agency of Communications. Pictures are in private collections in Russia, scattered around the near and far abroad: Bulgaria, Germany and other countries. Long and happily married. Wife — Zatonskaya Valeria Vladimirovna, known in Russia and abroad — artist-feltmaker, a master of felting and artistic processing of wool. My family is the main engine in life and work, so we get along peacefully in one workshop, not dividing creativity into life, and life into difficulties. I can tell you briefly about myself — I am writing because I can not help but write. I love and appreciate those works that are born on a whim and inspiration. I do not collect any title or regalia, because the highest appreciation of creativity is the grateful viewers and buyers of the pictures that came out from under my brush. I sincerely believe that it is worth living and working for this. I know for sure that not everyone will go down in history, but will judge subsequent generations about its own significance (or vice versa). Our job is to work hard, and then come what may, and the descendants will judge!
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Свободный художник
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Artworks by the artist
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Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. House in winter forest
House in winter forest
3×2.4 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. Christmas card
Christmas card
2.4×3 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. Poppies in blue vase
Poppies in blue vase
2.4×3 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. Lilacs in a clay vase
Lilacs in a clay vase
5×3.5 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. Dandelions in a clay vase
Dandelions in a clay vase
4×3 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. Lilacs in a vase
Lilacs in a vase
4.5×3.5 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. A jug of wine and fish
A jug of wine and fish
3.5×3.5 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. The lake house
The lake house
2.4×3 cm
Sergei Nikolayevich Khodorenko-Zatonsky. Valley of wishes
Valley of wishes
3.5×2.5 cm
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