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artist, collector
Biography and information
Gardeners Stephen P., 1948.
He graduated from the faculties:
Philology, Balti MSSR
the graphic arts, Kishinev, MSSR
A member of the Cinematographers Union Confederation of Russia and CIS countries
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia and Moldova
A Member Of The Union Of Theatrical Figures
A member of the Union of Russian Writers of Moldova them. A. S. Pushkin


1973 — Republican youth exhibition, Kishinev, MSSR
1974 — all-Union exhibition "Slavetrade", exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow (catalogue and diploma)
1975 — zonal Youth exhibition in Donetsk (diploma)
1976 — the Republican youth exhibition, Kyiv
1977 — City exhibition of "60 years in the ranks", Balti MSSR
1983 — "Contemporary Russian Art Exhibition", Lever House, New York
1990 — Respublikanskaya Biblioteka im. N. To. Krupskaya, Chisinau
1991 — Gallery "Izograf", Moscow (catalogue-calendar)
1992 — Gallery "Elita", Chisinau (catalogue)
1992 — "Diaspora", Central House Of Artists, Moscow
1992 — Gallery "the New Ark", exhibition hall "na Kashirke", Moscow
1992 — Gallery "the New Ark" in the theater On Taganka, Moscow
1994 — the Performance of the group "Exibi", Chisinau
1995 — Exhibition of paintings with the assistance of "UNISEF", exhibition hall of artists Union of Moldova
1996 — Exhibition of art-objects, installations and performances "Carbonart", Sadovo, Moldova (catalogue)
1996 — Exhibition of art-objects, installations and performances "Кilometrul 6", Exhibition hall of artists Union of Moldova, Chisinau (catalogue)
1997 — international art festival "Citadel", an exhibition of 15 projects-installations, Amsterdam, Holland (catalogue)
1997 — Intenational Multi-Media "Follow the Menora", Exhibition at the 15th Maccabian, Jerusalim, Israel (diploma)
1998 — Gallery "Salon 101", Warshawa Poland
1999 — "Artsalon", Central House of artists, Moscow (catalogue)
2000 — Gallery "Na Studzennei", Opole, Poland
2001 — Gallery "Dworzek", Opole, Poland
2002 — "Artsalon", Central House Of Artists, Moscow
2003 — "Artsalon", Central House Of Artists, Moscow
2004 — "Artsalon", Central House Of Artists, Moscow


1977 — Exhibition hall of the House of Officers, g, Balti MSSR
1983 — Exhibition "Foyer", youth theatre "Studio-100", Chisinau
1984 — Exhibition of art-graphic reconstructions of ancient agricultural cultures along the lines of an MSSR, VDNH, pavilion "Physics", Moscow (bronze medal)
1990 — Central exhibition hall of artists MSSR, Chisinau (brochure-poster)
1990 — Exhibition hall of the MSSR Mission, Moscow
1990 — Bеsarabian center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1991 — Reprint-center "Copy-Color", Tel-Aviv, Israel
1991 — Central House Of Artists, Moscow
1991 — Gallery "Izograf", Moscow
1992 — Gallery "Tverskaya 18", Moscow
1992 — Exhibition hall of the Corporation "Оst-West", Moscow
1993 — Gallery "New Ark", Central House of artists, Moscow (catalogue)
1997 — "Parquet art", Exhibition hall of the Union of Theatrical Figures, Chisinau
1998 — Gallery "Salon-101", Warshawa, Poland
1998 — Gallery "Ratush", Tarnowski Gury, Poland (catalogue)
2000 — Municipal exhibition hall of Opole, Poland (catalogue)
2001 — Gallery "Dworzek", Opole, Poland
2002 — Gallery "Dworzek", Opole, Poland
2002 — Gallery "Tonino Guerra" Saint Petersburg
2003 — The Central House Of Cinema, Moscow
2010 — Gallery "Vincent", Moscow (poster, booklet-catalogue)
2014 — Pink Hall Of The House Of Journalists, Moscow
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Stephan gardeners. Author's
Stephan gardeners
8×2×16 cm
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Stephan gardeners. Town
Stephan gardeners
80×80×240 cm
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Stephan gardeners. My poor Adam
My poor Adam
Stephan gardeners. My poor Adam
My poor Adam
2000, 90×160 cm
Stephan gardeners. Town
80×80×240 cm
Stephan gardeners. Author's
8×2×16 cm
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