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born in 1969 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
Born in Moscow

From 1995 to 1997 she studied at the Professional Art College of Animation Cinematography, teachers: animator Sichkar S.P., Russian and Soviet director, Zelma R.B. Was qualified animation artist (state diploma)
1997−2000 — Institute of Contemporary Art, Faculty of Design
2010−2015 — RSSU, specialty cultural studies.
Member of a non-profit partnership "Art without Borders"
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia

She worked:
— a costume designer at the Theater of Movie Actor
— an artist in the "Gallery of Art"
— Artist make-up artist in the TV series "Ruble Life", etc.
— Artist designer in the company "Landscape" at the Moscow Zoo
— designer in the professional photo center "Photo Pro"
— a creative designer of souvenirs in the "Laboratory of Dreams"
— creative designer and artist in "Souvenir-design"
artist-performer in the show "Dancing artist"
-theatrical artist, set design, costumes for the play "The Golden Cockerel"
— gave private painting lessons to different age groups

Exhibition activity
1998 — personal exhibition in the gallery Sklif,
2004 — collective exhibition "Artist and Model", the house of fashion of Slava Zaitsev, gallery TTT
2005−2010 — permanent exhibition of works in the galleries of the CHA
2010 — the international exhibition "The End of the World?" In the State Gallery A3
2013 — personal exhibition "Alluring Light" in the gallery "School of Crafts"
2014 — the installation "Cat Begemot" was exhibited at the MA Museum. Bulgakov for two years
2015 — collective street exhibition at the opening of Myasnitskaya Street, awarded the title of "Best Artist of the Central Administrative District of Moscow"
2016 -Personal exhibition "Free flight", Moscow public fund of culture
2016 — Exhibition "Awakening" in the exhibition hall of the Moscow Union of Artists
2017 — the exhibition "Once again about love" in the Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky
2017 — an exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of M. Tsvetaeva in the Central House of Arts
2017 — exhibition of contemporary art in the "Izvestia Hall", the project GLITCH
2017 — the exhibition "Road to Christmas" halls of the international art fund
2018 exhibition in the gallery CRAFT, dedicated to the topic of space
2018 exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky
2018 exhibition in the club of Alexei Kozlov, video presentation of works
2019 international exhibition in the museum of MI Tsvetaeva

From 1987 to the present time doing custom artwork.
Cloths are in private collections in Russia, America, France and New Zealand.
Since 2014 I have been working as an illustrator in the Russian Pioneer literary magazine, theater projects, participating in programs on central television.
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Natasha Monastic. Illustration to the magazine "Russian Pioneer"
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Artworks by the artist
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Natasha Monastic. The Lights Of Manhattan
The Lights Of Manhattan
50×60 cm
Natasha Monastic. The secret of joy
The secret of joy
4×5 cm
Natasha Monastic. Arbuznoe Kingdom
Arbuznoe Kingdom
2000, 4×5 cm
Natasha Monastic. Morning with Fox
Morning with Fox
XXI century, 50×60 cm
Natasha Monastic. 11 Sep
11 Sep
XXI century, 110×90 cm
Natasha Monastic. Prague love
Prague love
XX century, 60×70 cm
Natasha Monastic. Vladimir
XXI century, 1×120 cm
Natasha Monastic. Udachnyy catch
Udachnyy catch
XXI century
Natasha Monastic. Five minutes really flew by!
Five minutes really flew by!
2018, 30×30 cm
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