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Warsaw, Poland 
born in 1973 •
artist, collector
Alexander was born 3 July 1973 in Nikolayev,a Sunny city in southern Ukraine. Port city, two rivers, proximity to the sea and lots of Sunny days in a year - all this influenced his future work.Art education is not received, although he has started to draw since childhood, but for a long time belonged to painting, mostly as a hobby and not a profession. Like any creative person, always in search of new materials and styles. Tried many areas of fine art. Not limited only to canvas and brush, there is also a series of graphic works. In Ukraine in 2013 held a solo exhibition in his native Mykolaiv, also was a participant in many others. In 2015 he lives and works in Poland. In 2016godu held personal exhibitions in Poland, in PIASECZNO in March, and in April in Warsaw.
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    Александр родился 3 июля 1973 года в Николаеве,солнечном городе на юге Украины. Портовый город, две реки, близость моря и много солнечных дней в году- все это п
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