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United States 

Washington Alston was born on 5 Nov 1779, died on 9 Jul 1843. He was a famous American artist, a major representative of the direction of romanticism.

Washington Allston was born on a plantation located near Georgetown. His father was a military officer, was killed in 1781 during a battle.

Alston's mother married a second time. Her husband became a wealthy ship owner who spared no money for her, not for her son.

In 1800, Washington Allston graduated from Harvard College and moved to Charleston. At that time he was engaged in sailing and regularly participated in regattas. In 1801, the young man enrolled in the Royal Academy of arts in London.

In the period from 1803 to 1808, Washington was traveling in Europe. He visited almost all the famous museums and art galleries. Among his friends appeared Washington Irving and Coleridge. In 1809 Allston married Ann Channing, sister of William Channing.

Washington Alston has long lived in London. There he received his first fame and gained recognition. In 1815 he dies his wife. Broken and devastated, the artist decides to return home.

In 1818 Alston settled in Cambridge. For several decades he effectively works over his canvases, creating beautiful works of art.

Besides the fact that Washington Allston(Washington Allston) was a world-class artist, he created several picture books. In 1841 was published his book "Monaldi," which tells about the life of Italians. And in 1950 had published his works "Lectures on Art".

The works of Washington Alston was compared with the Venetian painters of the Renaissance. His paintings at times was full of drama and vitality that transports its audience to a distant time vulgar centuries. The work of Olston greatly influenced the further development of American landscape painting. Among his most striking paintings can be distinguished painting "Florimell's Flight", "Coast Scene on the Mediterranean", "Moonlit Landscape", "Storm Rising at Sea".

Washington Allston(Washington Allston) died July 9, 1843, at the time he было64. He is buried in Harvard square. The tomb of the famous artist is not forgotten. University students keep order and periodically bring the deceased to the genius of fresh flowers.

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