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Mikhailovich Ilyin
Odessa, Ukraine 
born in 1949
Biography and information
Odessa artist, member of Union of Artists of Ukraine, senior researcher of the Museum of Western and Oriental art.
Born April 30, 1949, Studied, lives and works in Odessa. In addition to creative work, since 1996 Sergey Ilyin holds kinovideocentr in the Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental art.
In the period from 1989 to 2009 Sergey Ilyin has become party to 10 international exhibitions held in Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Antwerp (Belgium), Moscow (Russia), Odessa (Ukraine).
In 1994−2009 was held 8 personal exhibitions in Potsdam (Germany), Kiev and Odessa.
According to the artist, all his work is the realization of his dreams, a kind of "book of lost tales that happened sometime in the past", a conscious departure from the squalor of the world today in the fabulous world of dreams and visions.
The author himself calls it Metarealism, where each object or phenomenon, taken separately shown real enough, but combined together represent some other reality, some other dimension. It happens only in dreams and dreams.
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