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Gennady Yurevich Abramov. Virgin with a dog
Virgin with a dog
Gennady Yurevich Abramov
1994, 7×5.5 cm
Gennady Abramov. Girl in a lilac
Girl in a lilac
Gennady Abramov
2013, 98×65 cm
Merab Vasoevich Kochiev. Green pears
Green pears
Gennady Yurevich Abramov. The birth of the picture
The birth of the picture
Gennady Abramov. Bolshaya Nyuska
Bolshaya Nyuska
Gennady Abramov
1999, 50×70 cm
Ella Egorova. Red dog
Red dog
Ella Egorova
70×80 cm
Vasoevich Merab Kochiev. Naturmort fish
Naturmort fish
Gennady Yurevich Abramov. Harlequin about monkeys
Harlequin about monkeys
Merab Vasoevich Kochiev. Dry flowers
Dry flowers
Soslan Zokoev. Infanta
Soslan Zokoev
44×40 cm


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