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Nikolaevich Bezrodny
Saint Petersburg, Russia 
born in 1955 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
What to write. !! ??
from 9 years old one .
There were different people in life. Among them are wonderful, thanks to which. I learned something …

Exhibitions ;; participated in exhibitions of the Union of Artists, also in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege".
Made a mosaic of 200 square meters in 1989: the end walls of the House of Children’s Art.
In 1990 he took part in the painting, 345 square meters in a children’s hospital.
In 1994 he took part in the painting of the cathedral, half-dome radius R-7m; height H-7m. Chernivtsi city; Western Ukraine.
In 1999, he made 14 paintings, size: 60×80cm "The Road of Christ" for the church; Leba, Poland.
Participated in the open air:
1998−2003 — the city of Leba, Poland.
1999−2003-Smolgino, Poland.
2001−2003-Great Ustyug, north of Russia.
2004-personal exhibition in Pruszcz Gdański (May 3 — May 16), Poland; took part in the exhibition "International Art in Vessenschaftpark" (May 14 — August 27), Germany.
2005 -Inta, Subpolar Urals.
June 2006 — personal exhibition in Pruszcz Gdański, Poland
June 2006-plein-air of Tchev. Poland. Exhibition June-July
2006-Exhibition Warsaw. Poland. September
20.3−20.4 / 2008-personal exhibition Sestroretsk
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About me
Окончил Челябинское Художественное Училище(1976 - 1980 гг.)Художник-оформитель..,Ленинградское Высшее Художественно-Промышленное Училище им.В.И.Мухиной(1983-198
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Alexander Nikolaevich Bezrodny. Clear day
Clear day
Alexander Nikolaevich Bezrodny
2015-2015, 24.2×40.8 cm
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    Alexander Nikolaevich Bezrodny. Bridge.Apple
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    Alexander Nikolaevich Bezrodny. A gift from summer
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