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Lilia goyzman
born in 1972 •
Biography and information
My life is graphics. Like to find her in everything. Create, play, record, show.
How did I come to this?
Apparently the path began in childhood. With conscious thought-search how best to draw a hand (how old I was? 5 years or less I will not say exactly)
And although it so happened that she did not attend any circles or art schools, she constantly painted …
At the end of school, I ventured to slip into the graphic. Not taken. Lost a year. The next time — I tried to get an engineer — alas, physics failed — another year. And only the next time I entered a programmer. In the third year I began to work in the newspaper’s editorial office, where I learned the basics of layout and fell in love with graphic design.
After defending her diploma she married, a couple of years later she gave birth … and a year later she opened a business (by a private entrepreneur) in the field of design and patent business. At first, my husband promised to help with the design (he kept a private printing house), with his father — with patents (he was at the forefront of the development of the patent business in the USSR).
After six months or a year of my business, I already got so much in the taste that I started bringing a good income to the house, and even quite regular income. We had several projects on the annual directories of firms in our city. There were regular customers. I developed a trademark for one large plant and registered it with FIPS.
I am surprised now how I managed to cope with the layout of directories, advertising development, design … In this I had no assistants.
But for me it all ended, almost overnight. I divorced, married Senechka and went with him to live with him. To Israel. The firm has remained to the former husband — alive and flourishing — give Gd to each so!
And I … I studied at the local design academy at the evening department. In the mornings, she worked in a small printing house, where she more or less mastered the Hebrew and silk screen printing process. After completing the course, I began to realize that I wanted more freedom for my creative impulses, and in the printing house where I worked, they allowed me to "speak out" "once a year by promise. As a result, I left them (with a successful confluence of crisis circumstances), having opened my own small business.
At first, I lacked the confidence that I had in Russia, the energy and freedom that raged in me. But, in any case, I believed that I would again "catch the wave", because desire and experience accumulate and grow.
And indeed, I began to try myself in design, photos, illustrations — ideas and solutions appeared.
Life gained depth, an additional coordinate axis that I was looking for all the time.
I see the Graphics in all its growing versatility.
At the moment, sailing the same course in your favorite coordinate system!
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About me
Родилась в Курске. с 2004 года живу в Израиле. Окончила академию графического дизайна Вицо. Работаю иллюстратором-графиком.
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Вам доводилось слышать в детстве фразы «Не выдумывай» или «Что за фантазии?» Или, может быть, вы говорили что-то подобное своим детям? Почему-то у взрослых часто принято считать, что выдумки и сказки – это что-то глупое, ненужное. Непрактичное, в конце концов. Разве могут фантазии как-то пригодиться в реальной жизни? Могут, еще как! Поэтому художница Лиса Айсато ( Lisa Aisato ) не только с…
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Lilia Goyzman
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Slava Komisaroff
, March 26, 2016 05:02 AM 1
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Ну конечно он этого достоин!Хотел я тоже снять фильм о Василии Кандинском,в 90е годы написал сценарий фильма и хотел поставить с Славой Цукерманом,но как то не случилось.
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