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Paul de


Flemish painter, the younger brother of the painter Cornelis de Vos.

Painted hunting scenes and still lifes in the style of Frans Snyders.

Depicted scenes of hunting bears and wild boars, as well as individual animal figures, differing with the vitality of the figures, the force and brilliance of colors, but a less good picture than the Snyders. Especially successfully reproduced it dogs.

He was a brother-in-law of Snyders.

In 1637, the brothers Snyders and de Vos helped Rubens to execute paintings for the hunting Lodge of Philip IV "Torre de la Parada" in Spain.

1596, Hulst — 1678, Antwerpen. Flemish painter. The younger brother of the portraitist Cornelis de Vos. He studied in Antwerp in D. van Hove (1604), D. Remeus (1605) and F. Snyders (after 1611). As a distinguished animal painter, collaborated with Rubens and other Flemish painters, wrote in their paintings of animals. Fulfilled orders of the Spanish king for country the hunting palaces of the Pardo and the Torre de La Parada. The large canvases by Paul de Vos, which is commonly called "hunting", depicts a fierce, frantic movement and wild freedom fight animals. The artist masterfully captures the beauty of a noble deer and ROE deer, swift and elastic running horse, a heavy body of the bear and wild boars. He was particularly good image of dogs of different breeds, then attacking his victim, then woven in a violent brawl. Landscape backgrounds in paintings by Vos wrote painter Jan Wildens. Many paintings of Vos, executed by Royal order, are in the Prado (Baiting deer Baiting wild boar, etc.), as well as in the State. The Hermitage

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