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born in 1989 •
artist, art dealer

I, Kazachenko Bogdan A., born October 10, 1989, p. Dniprodzerzhinsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.
In 2007 graduated from art school in Mr.. Kiev. He enrolled in the theater school. M. B. Grekova, g. Odessa, specialty artist-decorator of the stage. After finishing the 1st course, at his own request, was transferred on a speciality "sculpture".
In August 2012 he joined the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, speciality - "sculpture", where now I study on 2 course.
With 10 years actively involved in exhibitions and art competitions, unfortunately all can not remember, but here are some of them:
in g. Odessa
gallery "On Pushkin street";
gallery "glass"
gallery "Tea factory";
art-gallery "Маркоff";
Bulgarian cultural center.
In m. Kyiv
contest logo 200 T. G. Shevchenko;
joint exhibition with the poles in the gallery of thieves;
contests Pinchuk Art centre;
in 2012, the winner of the competition pattern;
all-Ukrainian art exhibition "Female portrait";
all-Ukrainian art exhibition of the artist's day;
all-Ukrainian art exhibition "Ukraine, Ukraine - the glorious Cossack region";
all-Ukrainian art exhibition "To the 200th Taras Shevchenko".
Currently the Art Director of the Studio OMI
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    СТУДИЯ ОБЪЕДИНЁННЫХ МАСТЕРОВ ИСКУССТВА УКРАИНЫ "ОМИ", объединение одних из лучших мастеров творческого искусства Украины. В нашей команде работают лучшие
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