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born in 1974 •
Born in 1974 in Kirov. A childhood drawing. Graduated from art school in high school. Then enrolled at the CTC in Kirov on-campus. After 3 years graduated from College with a degree in fashion designer (1992 - 1995). Worked not on a speciality. In 2008 - 2014 he graduated from Kirov state pedagogical University, in absentia, faculty of design and technology - teacher of fine arts. In June 2014 he finished 2 months. courses in the training center at PRICES. Employment on a speciality - "Computer design and programming". Looking for work at home.
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    Закончила художеств. школу, в этом году ВятГГУ в Кирове, преподаватель изобразительного искусства. Не работаю, ищу работу на дому. Предпочитаю пейзажи, анимализ
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