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Ivanovich Turner
born in 1959 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
23.07.1959 G. was born in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) in a family of artists-teachers.
After studying at the art school for children enrolled in the Dnipropetrovsk state art school. E. Vuchetich (1974−1978).
There he had his first solo exhibition of watercolor landscapes.
In 1988 he graduated from the Ukrainian polygraphic Institute them. Ivan Fedorov (design book and magazine and printed products)

Member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine since 1993
Founder and editor of the art newspaper, "ART Atelier" (1995−1999)
The Chairman of Kryvyi Rih of the National Union of artists of Ukraine (2003−2006).
Works in various genres, techniques and directions.
Since 2008, actively working in sculpture.
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About me
Чем бы мне ни приходилось заниматься в жизни, ко всему я подходил с позиции художника. Даже бизнес я воспринимал и воспринимаю, как очередной арт-проект.
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June 1990, 60×70 cm
May 1990, 60×70 cm
September 2004, 30×20 cm
October 2006, 50×50 cm
September 2004, 40×30 cm
October 2008, 70×70 cm
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