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Hans Hofmann (it. Hans Hofmann; 21 Mar 1880, Walsenburg German Empire — February 17, 1966, new York, USA) is an American artist of German origin, the representative of the abstract expressionism. Hoffman received a very broad education, especially well behaved in the Sciences, but after finishing school he decided to devote himself to painting. Spent several years in Paris, and then founded an art school in Munich. After several trips to the US, Hoffman moved to new York and becomes a teacher at the art students League artists. In 1933, he opens a School of fine arts, Hans Hofmann. His students at various times Lee Krasnerand Larry Rivers. Hoffmann was a close friend Jackson Pollockand it is believed that they had a significant influence on the style of each other. In later years, for their creative achievements and successful teaching career, Hoffman has received numerous awards.

Features of the artist Hans Hofmann: earliest works created while living in Germany, was written under the influence of impressionism and pointillism. His Mature style can be called a synthesis of several artistic movements: often the work of Goffman distinguishes cubist structure, the colors of Fauvism, energy, expressionism and surreal forms.

Famous paintings of Hans Hoffman: "Self-Portrait", "Landscape", "Provincetown", "Wind".

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov

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Hans Hoffmann. Non-objective composition
Non-objective composition
Hans Hoffmann
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Hans Hoffmann. Non-objective composition
Non-objective composition
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