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The Arshile Gorky (eng. Arshile Gorky, real name, Vosdanig Manoug adoian; 15 April 1904, Khork, Ottoman Empire — July 21, 1948, Sherman, USA) American artist of Armenian descent. It is believed that the hill had a significant impact on the abstract expressionistsand became one of the main predecessors of this trend. Gorki was born in a small village in Armenia his family left the country, fleeing genocide. In 1920, shortly after the death of his mother, moved to the US to the father. He studied painting at several art schools. Since 1935, roller Coaster works for the Federal art project which provided artists with work during the great Depression. In this project the artist has created several muralov and a number of paintings. The first solo exhibition of Slides took place in 1938. In January 1946 the artist’s Studio burned to the ground, a fire destroyed most of his works, and a month later Slides was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, he divorced his wife and was in a serious car accident, which permanently undermined his health. In July 1948, the Slides had committed suicide.

Features of creativity of the artist Arshile Gorky: the style of the early works of Gorki was formed largely under the influence of post-Impressionists, in particular, Paul Cezanne. In later paintings Slides significantly influence synthetic cubism Pablo Picassoand Georges Braque. From 1940-ies the artist’s style changes considerably the ideas of the Surrealists. His manner of applying paint to canvas have anticipated the advent of action painting.

Famous paintings of Arshile Gorky: "The artist and his mother", "Portrait of master bill","Untitled (cubist figure)", "the Raven (Composition No. 3), Blue figure in a chair."

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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Arshile Hills. The liver as cockscomb
The liver as cockscomb
Arshile Hills
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Artworks by the artist
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Arshile Hills. Portrait of master bill
Portrait of master bill
Arshile Hills. Portrait 7
Portrait 7
Arshile Hills. Vase with flowers
Vase with flowers
Arshile Hills. The artist and his mother
The artist and his mother
Arshile Hills. Portrait 5
Portrait 5
Arshile Hills. Portrait 4
Portrait 4
Arshile Hills. Still life with white dishes
Still life with white dishes
Arshile Hills. Portrait 3
Portrait 3
Arshile Hills. Still life with jug and vegetables
Still life with jug and vegetables
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