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born in XX century
Biography and information

Karel Appel (niderl. Christiaan Karel Appel, April 25, 1921, Amsterdam — may 3, 2006, zürich) was a Dutch painter, sculptor, graphic.

He studied at the Royal Academy of art (1940−1943). Influenced by Picasso, Matisse, and Dubuffet. Began exhibiting in 1946. In 1948 he became one of the founders of the group "COBRA". In 1950 he moved to Paris. In the future traveled to Mexico, USA, Yugoslavia and Brazil. Lived in new York and Florence. Buried in the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise.

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Karel Appel. Hip, Hip, Hoorah!
Hip, Hip, Hoorah!
Karel Appel
1949, 81.7×127 cm
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Karel Appel. Hip, Hip, Hoorah!
Hip, Hip, Hoorah!
1949, 81.7×127 cm
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