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Biographical information about him is very meager; it is only known that he was a Chechen, who was educated thanks to General Alexey Ermolov, a portrait of whom he received the title of academician. Of other well-known Zakharov's work is painted with oil paints portraits of Dr. F. I. Inozemtsev (1844), Professor Timofey Granovsky (1845) and Postnikova (1845) and hand-drawn pencil portraits of family Postnikovy, Dr. Matyushenkova, composer Peter Bulakhov, the artist, etc. All these works are in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow.

In 1819, during the Caucasian war, Russian soldiers found a dead woman and a dying three year old child in the Chechen village of Dada-Yurt, previously subjected to shelling.

Commander Alexei Petrovich Yermolov commanded the army doctors to do everything possible to save the child, despite the fact that the latter claimed that it was impossible. But the boy survived and was placed in the care of the Cossack Zakhar Medonosov, which was raised to 1823.

On behalf of the Cossack child received his surname and patronymic. Later, Peter added the word "Chechen" to his surname.

Then he took on the education of General Petr Nikolaevich Ermolov. At an early age the boy began to show talent for drawing. Having retired and moved with his family to Moscow, Ermolov gave his adopted son at the portrait painter Lev Volkov. In 1833, Peter Zakharov was enrolled as a volunteer in the St. Petersburg Academy of arts.

In 1836 Peter Zakharov graduated from the Academy of fine arts, received a certificate, the right of hereditary honorary citizen and the title of a free artist.

Then, until his death he lived in the capital. During these years he became an academician of the Imperial Academy of arts. Died of consumption in 1846.

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