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born in XX century
Viktor Ivanovich Ivanov (b. August 2, 1924, Moscow) — Soviet, now Russian painter, master of genre paintings devoted to rural life. He studied in the workshops of such masters of painting as Professor V. Pochitalov, academician A. Gritsay and others Taught at the Moscow art school (50 years of the twentieth century), marked by many government awards and prizes for his great contribution to the development of Soviet art and culture.

Features of the artist Viktor Ivanovthe main theme of his works, the artist chose a person, living a simple peasant life. His paintings depict ordinary people, loyal to their land, doing all in their power to ensure that this land could flourish. Celebrating rural life, the artist shows the viewer all the beauty of nature and its unity with man.

Famous paintings by Viktor Ivanov"Young mother" (1962), "the Family. 1945" (1958-64.), Afternoon tea (1963-66.), "Mowers" (1991), "Autumn garden" (2005).

The Picture Of Victor Ivanov

Viktor Ivanov was born in Moscow and already at a young age decided to devote his life to art, enrolling in art classes at the Central House of pioneers. In 1939, the future artist entered the Moscow secondary art school. Surikov, which he graduated in 1944. In the period from 1945 to 1950 was a student at the art Institute. V. Surikov.

Since 1950, the artist Viktor Ivanov becomes an active participant in various art exhibitions from the city and Republic to all-Union. At the same time, he starts working at an art school, Moscow lecturer and in 1951 became a member of the Union of artists of the USSR. In the late 50's-early 60-ies Viktor Ivanov visits foreign countries — Egypt, Syria, Mexico, Cuba, and Italy.

In 1968 Viktor Ivanov was elected Secretary of the Board of the Union of artists of RSFSR. This position he held until 1981, and in 1988, Ivanov became a full member of the Academy of fine arts of the Soviet Union.
Viktor Ivanov finds the meaning of his work in terms of spiritual and moral aspirations of the common people: the artist conveys in their paintings of peasant life in all the simplicity of its grandeur and romanticism.

The characters of his paintings are ordinary residents of Ryazan land occupied by her daily work. Thus, the models for the series of paintings "Russian women" the painter has chosen the real peasants of the villages Isady and Krasny Yar, and prototypes of gray-haired elders on other paintings were from the old villages, nestled on the banks of the Oka. Artist Victor Ivanov remembers their models by name and patronymic, a sign of their life and family Affairs.

Under the brush Ivanova the characters gained special brightness and colors, revealing the viewers a strong, open and kind people. The paintings of this painter make for a few minutes to stop, look at those faces, lit by inner light, and think about all sorts of things — the hard life of the peasants, the sense of duty, the splendour of nature and, of course, about the meaning of our existence on this earth.
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