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Vasily Kalinovich Antonov

Kalinovich Antonov


(b. 1926), painter of theatrical-decorative art. He graduated from the Kharkov state hood. in T. exhibitions: resp. hood. YASSR, will represent. arts and Nar. creativity of the Yakut ASSR (Moscow, 1957), region. "Soviet far East" (Khabarovsk, 1964), prod. artists of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East (Moscow, 1971-1972). A. – NAT. hood. the Museum REP. Of Sakha (Yakutia).

Originally from S. EDA Leninsky district. After he graduated from school Kharkov state art Institute (workshop of V. B. Kosarev and D. P. Ovcharenko). Worked in the Russian state dramatic theater in the Yakut state drama theater. P. A. Oyunsky. A member of the artists Union of the USSR since 1961 Designed a lot of performances, he also lectured at the art school, participant of many art exhibitions. In the last years of his life he worked in Novokuznetsk. His paintings and sketches of scenery imbued with light, color, feeling.

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