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Vladimir Konstantinovich Sushko

Konstantinovich Sushko

born in 1952

Graduated from Kremenchug helicopter school of civil aviation (1972). Since 1972 lives in Kamchatka. In 1985 he organized a Creative workshop (carved bone, wood). The creation of the author of bladed weapons deals since 1997 the Participant of regional, all-Russian and international arms exhibitions. Gold medal of the exhibition "Regions of Russia 99". Gold medal "Laureate of VVC". Gold medal of the exhibition "Regions of Russia - 2000". Gold medal "the 1000 best enterprises and organizations of Russia in XXI century" (2000). Gold medal Khabarovsk international fair (2001). Diploma, gold medal, gold Cup "For the revival and development of national art crafts of the peoples of the North" (Moscow, Expocentre, 2002). The diploma of laureate and the medal of program "100 best goods of Russia" (2002). Laureate diploma and big Golden medal "Parenski knife" Amur International fair (2003). Laureate diploma. gold medal "For contribution to revival and development of folk crafts of the North" International exhibition "Nature, hunting and hunting trophies - 2003" Works are in private collections. Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

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