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Grigorievich Myasoedov
Biography and information

Nickname — Evgeny Zotov.

Born in Kharkov on September 30 (October 12) in 1881 in the family of the painter GG Myasoedov. From 1889 he lived with his mother in the family estate Pavlenki near Poltava. In 1884−1895, he attended a private art school organized by his father in Poltava. Later he studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1896−1901) and the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1903, 1907−1909). Participated in the writing of the panorama of the Battle of Borodino (under the guidance of F. Rubo; 1910).

In 1948, the artist was again brought to court, because the passport, according to which he entered Liechtenstein, was fake. This time he got off with a suspended sentence only. Died Meat Eaters in Buenos Aires.

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    Ivan Grigorievich Myasoedov. Russia
    Ivan Grigorievich Myasoedov. Ukraine
    Ivan Grigorievich Myasoedov. Father's Manor in Pavlenki
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