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Yuristanbek Abdievich Shigaev
Abdievich Shigaev
born in 1957
Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC — a series of prints "In the land of the fathers", the evaluation — excellent. The training took place in the graphical Department. Qualified graphic artist.

1957 Born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

1978−1984 Graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin Academy of arts of the USSR

1987 Winner (II prize), International graphic art Biennale, Krakow, Poland

1988 member of the Union of artists of the USSR and Kyrgyzstan

1988−1990 fellow of the Union of artists of the USSR

1989 Laureate Of Lenin Komsomol Of Kyrgyzstan

The winner (II prize) exhibition of young artists of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Tashkent

1997 Winner (I prize), Third International Biennale "Asia Art" in Tashkent

1998 Winner (I prize) of the contest-exhibition "World modern art — 98" in Los Angeles, USA

Honored worker of culture of the Kyrgyz Republic

1999 gold medal at the 9th Asian exhibition — Biennale, Bangladesh

Laureate of the State prize them. Toktogul in the field of art, literature and architecture, Kyrgyzstan

2002 winner of the international prize "Lifetime recognition" for the creative achievements of the Foundation "Art of silk road"

Diploma gapara aitieva of the Union of artists of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of culture of the KR and G. im. After G. Aitiev

Professor in visual art

2003 Aitmatova academician of the public Academy, Bishkek

2005 national artist of the Kyrgyz Republic

2006 award of the international Foundation named Daniel, Korea

2007 laureate of the prize named after Mikhail Lomonosov, Russia academician of the Academy of arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2009 academician of the International Academy of art and culture, Moscow

Corresponding member of International Academy of art, Moscow

About the work of Yuristanbek Shygaev filmed television films: "Yuristanbek and Queen", "Broken heart", "Bergen, Mythos, Saiten",

"Signs of the time. Manas Tamga".

Main exhibitions:

1982 all-Union exhibition "Always on the alert", Moscow

1986 Exhibition of Kirghiz graphics in six cities of Japan

Exhibition of the Kyrgyz fine arts in Naples,


1987 Personal exhibition of Yuri Shigaeva "Ethiopia — country and people"

in the Moscow house of friendship with foreign countries

1988 International biennial of graphic art in Krakow, Poland

Exhibition of young artists of Kyrgyzstan in Portugal

Exhibition "Young artists of Kyrgyzstan" in the Congo, Ethiopia,

Zambia, Mozambique

1990 Exhibition of Soviet artists at the Museum of modern art

in Seoul, South Korea

1992 Exhibition of fine art of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

in seven States

Exhibition of paintings by Yu shygaeva in the Congress of the United States

The Capitol, Washington

Personal exhibition of painting of Yury shygaeva Virginia Center for

Creative Art’s, Virginia

1993 Personal exhibition of painting of Yury shygaeva in the Museum

art in Wittlich, Germany

Moscow art fair "ART MIF"

II international exhibition-Biennale "Asia-Art", Tashkent

1994 Exhibition of Kyrgyz paintings in six cities of Turkey

Exhibition of paintings by Yu shygaeva from the collection of Kolodzei

in the city of Oklahoma city, United States

1995 Personal exhibition of painting of Yury shygaeva in the gallery

"Elias" in Antwerp, Belgium

1996 Exhibition of Kyrgyz artists Shigaeva and E. Y. Salieva

in the Pushkin center, Antwerp, Belgium

The exhibition "Art from Russia" in the city of bad Kissingen, Germany

1997 Exhibition "Akayev-2000", Bishkek

III international exhibition-biennial "Asia Art" in Tashkent

Personal exhibition of painting of Yury Shigaeva "Broken heart"

in SGMII them. After G. Aitiev, Bishkek

1998 Exhibition of Kyrgyz fine arts in the Palace

Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Exhibition of paintings by Yu chigaeva at the international center

India, Delhi

Exhibition-competition "World modern art-98"

Los Angeles, USA

Exhibition of Kyrgyz art in Austria, Innsbruck

1999 Exhibition of works of Kyrgyz artists at the UNDP programme

"Overcoming poverty", Bishkek, SGMII them. After G. Aitiev

The 2nd Asia Art exhibition, Delhi, India

9th Asian exhibition-Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Exhibition of works by Yu. shygaeva in Neuestadt, Germany

2000 Exhibition of works of Kyrgyz artists and Yu shygaeva

A. Jumabekov in the city of Miltenberg, Germany, Raiffeisen — Volksbank

The exhibition "Braziers Workshop 2000" artists from 20 countries in Brazauskas international art workshop,

Oxfordshire, UK

"Towards 3-Millennium" Exhibition of works by artists

graduates of universities of Leningrad — St. Petersburg, Bishkek, 2000

SGMII them. After G. Aitiev

2001 a New collection of Yuristanbek Shygaev, Art gallery "Art

without borders", Bishkek.

Exhibition of works by Yuristanbek Shygaev and Victor Syrnev in

Miltenberg and Marburg

2002 the Contest "United Buddy Bears" organised by the German

NGO "Tolerance" when active

the support of UNESCO And the German foreign Ministry, Berlin

Exhibition of paintings by Yu shygaeva in the Museum Schafstal, Halbronn,


International exhibition "the Great silk road. West

West dialogues", the G. im. After G. Aitiev. Bishkek

Exhibition of works of art (1992 —

2002.)10. "Art of Nations" Art of Nations. Moscow,

Krymskiy Val

Personal exhibition of Yuristanbek Shygaev "Manas Tamga",

The G. im. After G. Aitiev, Bishkek

2003 Personal exhibition of painting of Yury shygaeva in the hotel "Hyatt

Regency" Bishkek

Travelling art exhibition of painting Yu. Shigaeva "Manas Tamga",

Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Khojend (Tajikistan)

Exhibition of artists of Kyrgyzstan, who graduated from the Universities of Russia,

dedicated to the 2200th anniversary of Kyrgyz statehood

International exhibition "the Art of Central Asia", Vienna,


International exhibition "West-East dialogues",

Konstanz, Germany

2004 Exhibition "Central house of artists 2004. Ecology", Moscow International

Art Salon, Moscow, Russia

International Art Project "Jade und die große Seidenstraße"

in Galerie "Orfeo für Schmuck ", Cologne, Germany

Personal exhibition of painting of Yury shygaeva in the building

the municipality of Divonne-Les-Bains, France

The exhibition "Manas Tamga" at the International Center of culture and

art in the framework of days of culture of the Kyrgyz Republic in

India, Delhi

Travelling art exhibition of painting Yu. Shigaeva "Manas Tamga",

Osh- Jalal-Abad — Uzgen

2005 the 11th Triennale — India countries of Asia, Africa and Oceania

The Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India

Epic-the tour "Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan", the Presidential center

culture, Astana, the national Museum of arts. Kasteev,


International exhibition "West-East Dialogues", Museum of

Ayasofya Istanbul, Turkey

International plein air artists of Turkic-speaking countries in

the assistance of TURKSOY, Turkey

2006 international exhibition "West-East Dialogues", Miltenberg, Germany

International exhibition "United Buddy Bears 2006", Berlin, Germany

Exhibition of paintings and drawings in the gallery "HAS III", Seoul Art

Center, South Korea

Personal exhibition of works by Yu. shygaeva in the Central

the office of the GTZ (German society for technicalcommunication),

Eschborn, Germany

The exhibition charts SIPA 2006 Seoul Art center, South Korea

Exhibition of works by Yu. Sigaeva at "Rihga Royal art Gallery", Osaka, Japan

International forum "Paintings Eulogizing the West Lake",

Hangzhou, China

Personal exhibition of Yuri shygaeva in the framework of days of culture

Of the Kyrgyz Republic in Cyprus, Turkey

2007 Exhibition of Kyrgyz artists in the framework of Days of culture

Of the Kyrgyz Republic in Germany, Frankenthal

The tenth Moscow international artistic

Salon "CHA — 2007", devoted to the 15th anniversary of the International

Confederation of artists unions of CIS countries, Moscow

Personal exhibition of painting of Yury shygaeva in Lion’s Club,

Lausanne, Switzerland

International exhibition "Modern Art of Silk Road", the Art Center,

Berlin, Germany

Astana International Biennale of 2007 "Astana develops

art reborn", Astana, Kazakhstan

Personal anniversary exhibition "25 years of creativity of Yuristanbek

Shigaeva", G. im. After G. Aitiev, Bishkek

International forum "Paintings Eulogizing the West Lake",

Hangzhou, China

International Art project "West-East dialogues", Osaka,


2008 Republican exhibition of folk artists of the Kyrgyz

Of the Republic, the G. im. After G. Aitiev, Bishkek

International Prague Biennale, Prague, Czech Republic

International creative competition "Shabyt-2008", Astana

2009 international Art Symposium "Art and Peace", Beijing, China

Exhibition in the headquarters of UNESCO, dedicated to the memory of

Aitmatov, Paris, France

Personal exhibition of works by Yu. Shigaeva "Nomad"

in the Central House of artists, International Confederation

The artists unions of the CIS, Moscow, Russia

Exhibition of artists from six countries of the SCO, Beijing, China

1st meeting of the International Association of artists "Rise lake

West lake" and the 3rd conference in hangou, China

Personal exhibition of Yuri Shigaeva "Nomad" in the art

gallery of the NBU in Tashkent

Exhibition of Kyrgyz art "East

mosaic" in the Central house of scientists, Moscow

International Biennale of painting in Moldova, Chisinau

Republican Autumn exhibition of artists G., Bishkek

Exhibition "the Return of watercolor" with the assistance of the Swiss

Cooperation office in KR, G., Bishkek

2010 Personal exhibition of painting of Yury Shigaeva "Nomad" in

Irkutsk regional art Museum im. V. P. Sukacheva


Personal exhibition of painting of Yury shygaeva in the National

the Museum of arts of Moldova, Chisinau

Work purchased:

* The State Tretyakov Gallery

* The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

* The Directorate of the Union of artists of the USSR

* Kyrgyz national Museum of fine arts

named after G. Aitiev

* The Museum of fine arts, Warsaw, Poland

* Museum of contemporary art, Toronto, Canada

* Museum of contemporary art, Seoul, South Korea

* Irkutsk regional art Museum named after V. P. Sukachev

* National art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau

* galleries and private collections of Bishkek, Moscow, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Miltenberg, Kassel, Wittlich, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Brussels, Paris, Antwerp, Washington, Virginia, Jerusalem, Denver, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, London, Osaka, Seoul, Beijing, Lausanne

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