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Andreevich Tikunov

born in 1923

in another source date of birth - 26.8-.1923

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Sergey A. Tikunov was born in 1923 in the village of Pochep Koszalinska district, kalininskaia oblast. In Kalinin lived since 1931. Drawing began to get involved with the 5th class of high school; had to go to the art Studio at the house of folk art, and took drawing lessons from artist N. Y. Borisov. S. A. Tikunov was studying in 10th class of high school, when the war began.

From the first weeks of the war, he worked at defensive fortifications, and at the end of 1941 would be drafted into the army. After the war, he graduated from the 10th grade and began his career as a painter and decorator of the cinema "Star". All these years after the war Tikunov never ceased to paint. Sergei Andreyevich know on the works, which were exhibited at regional and city art exhibitions.

About Tikunova possible to speak as about the artist themed paintings, because the most significant works created in this genre. The exhibition gives a fairly complete picture of the artist. It presents 12 paintings created by Tikunova S. A. in the period from 1957 to 1974. The exposition gives an opportunity to trace the path which followed the development of the artist from his early sketches to finished pieces Mature.

In 1950, he first became a participant of regional art exhibitions and joined the Association of artists, and in 1952 was adopted by a candidate member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR. 1956 was a turning point in the life of S. A. Tikunova. This year, together with artist V. F. Shumilov he first went to the house of creativity of the Union of artists, the Academic dacha near Vyshny Volochyok. Work on creative tasks and then helped Tikunova, but in that year, several months of work alongside such artists as V. N. Gavrilov, brothers Tkachev, A. Bubnov, and others, for their advice and help was the first serious art school for him. In the winter of 1957 the artist again on the Academic summer residence and re-works a lot with nature. The exhibition presents the sketch of this year "Horses at the watering". Sketch beautiful painting with an unusual story. Academic dacha was born the idea of the first significant painting "a hot day"(1960). Attracted by the vitality and expressiveness of images of sketches to paintings. Paint, absorbed all the freshness and color richness of the world, sparkle, shimmer, and the triumph of the sun.

In 1960, Tikunov became a member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR. In 1967, Tikunov painted "Summer morning". In this work most fully expressed cheerfulness and optimism of the artist.

In 1968 S. A. Tikunov drawn to the portrait genre. For him it is a difficult genre. In his previous works the artist has rarely set itself the task of revealing the inner world of his characters. The Painting "Thoughts. Baba Anya." - the first serious bid at creating a deep and interesting human image, a man of destiny and of a complex nature. The image warmed by the warm feeling of the artist and touches her humanity.

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