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Vasilyevich Suryaninov

born in 1930

Was born in Moscow.

1956 Graduated from the art Academy of Latvia, graphics Department. Studied at P. K. Lubomudrov. Mainly engaged in the socio-political and health-education poster.

1956 Works in publishing "Izogiz", "Soviet artist", "art", "Poster"-"Panorama".

1956 Participates in all-Union, all-Russia and Moscow exhibitions.

The late 1950s—1970s, Collaborated in publishing "Sanprosvet" and "DOSAAF".

1957-1958 did movie posters in "Reklamfilma".

1958-1990 In the "Poster" of the USSR Union.

1962 and 1966 Participates in exhibitions together with K. Ivanov and M. Helpitem.

1969-1980 Worked in the Studio of visual propaganda CX RSFSR.

1992 Honored artist of Russia. Awarded a Gold medal at the International competition of health education poster in Bologna, Italy.

1990s Illustrates children's books and educational literature in the publishing house: "Malysh", "Education", "XXI Century", "bustard".

Major works: "the Policy of the party endorse!" (1960), "world Congress of women" (1963), "to Shine, and no nails..." (1967), "the proletarian solidarity — our strength! Long live international working class — the most advanced working class of our time" (1970), "the peoples of the world require to stop the arms race!" (1975), "the Stockholm appeal (disarmament, peace)" (1976), "clear sky — children of the Earth" (1976), "Not in vain the people for a long time and to this day their daily bread is calling itself the first sanctuary..." (1977), "We stand in solidarity with you, Vietnam!" (1979).

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