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Vasilyevich Sachkov


The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.


Born in 1928 in Penza. He graduated from the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov (1954). Studied at M. M. Cheremnykh and N.. Ponomareva. In the late 50-ies-60-ies worked in the film posters. Then began to engage in political poster. Collaborated with the publishing house "the Poster" (up to 1974 – in the "Fine art"). The participant of Republican, all-Union and foreign art exhibitions.


Member of USSR Union of artists since 1957. Major works: "the storm of storms whirling flame..." (1966), "Not fade glory to the heroic Komsomol civil war!" (1967), "Winter morning" (1969), "September 1 – to school!" (1970), "the Party is the immortality of our affair" (1972), "There is such party!" (1973), "Five-year plan of quality – our labor of victory" (1975), "Good care – farm income" (1976), "the call of the party, at the behest of the heart" (1977), "the Party is Lenin's course" (1978), "Leninism – banner of our epoch" (1979).

(Source: website of the Ministry of agriculture)

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