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Andrey Nikolaevich Rakovich
Nikolaevich Rakovich
Biography and information

Pupil of Academy of fine arts (c 1824), a pupil of the famous landscape painter Vorobiev. In 1836 — 2 silver medal and a diploma of 1 degree; in 1845, the title of academician of perspective painting for "view of the Church in Kazan". Having moved to Kazan and had lived here for 20 years, dedicating the work of this period, the city and its surroundings. He says panoramic views and private buildings, portraits, close up in the center of the canvas with the best, comprehensive point of view is depicted Petrovsky Cathedral with a bell tower ("Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan", 1845, The state Russian Museum). He towers over the small darkened buildings and clearly silhouetted against wyswietlanego greenish sky. The overall mood disturbing and pathetic. Was a teacher of drawing at the University of Kazan.

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