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Ivanovich Laktionov
Biography and information

1901--05−10. Thesis in the CVC (1932−1938) — "Red produce a wall newspaper", grade a — excellent. The training took place at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist of painting.

A. I. Laktionov studied at the Rostov art school (1926−29), in Peterburgskoy Academy of fine Arts (1932−38), where he was a favorite student of I. I. Brodsky, then in graduate school (1938 — 44). The painting "Letter from the front" (1947), lachiusa the Stalin prize, made his name widely known. In Pei has determined the characteristic features of his art: tradition, commitment to the narrative staging, household concreteness and meticulous detailing. Painting Laktionova had been continuously disputed. The accusations thrown by the artist S. V. Gerasimov more about his thesis, where "all things are living apart" and "carefully painted all the objects are given the illusion of bright light," and not without reason was repeated at his Mature works, which are dramatically acted stubborn refusal of the author to submit all details of the integrity of the overall impression and coloristic combine petrascu the color of objects. However, in the addiction Laktionova to everyday, often coarse facial features, accentuated by concrete and the illusory black and white volume image sounded a certain artistic program, fidelity, albeit a very external understanding of the truth of art and its own very strict and focused, vision.

These qualities aroused the controversy surrounding the large paintings of the artist: "I have visited Again" (1949) — the image of Pushkin in St. Michael, "In a new apartment" (1952), "happy retirement" (1954−60). These same qualities are inherent to his many portraits, which, with surely captured the likeness, lacks the internal saturation of the image (portraits of the artist I. Brodsky 1939−40; actors Theater, O. L. Knipper-Chekhova, V. I. Kachalov, N. P. Khmeleva, all 1940; academician I. P. Bardin, 1952; cosmonaut Vladimir M. Komarov, 1967, etc.). As a result, "naturalism" Laktionova always enough and enlightened deniers, and simple-minded fans.

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Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. The tops of the trees. Abramtsevo
The tops of the trees. Abramtsevo
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov
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Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. N. B.Cormorants in the Uzbek costume and cane
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Paris. The view of the Eiffel tower and Pont Alexandre III
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Portrait Of P. A. The Lesha
Olga Zotova
Olga Zotova
, March 25, 2018 10:38 PM 0
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Really liked Your collection. Lesser URY - opening for me. Thank you very much.
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Tatjana Brodski
Tatjana Brodski
, April 17, 2018 05:23 PM 0
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Many thanks for the paintings L. Uri
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Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Portrait of a man in a chair
Portrait of a man in a chair
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. A letter from the front
A letter from the front
1947, 155×222 cm
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Portrait of architect V. D. Kirkhoglani
Portrait of architect V. D. Kirkhoglani
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. February
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Visiting grandchildren
Visiting grandchildren
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. In the summer
In the summer
1951, 118×140 cm
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Into a new apartment
Into a new apartment
1952, 134×112 cm
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Still life. Toys
Still life. Toys
1949, 80×100 cm
Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. Narrow
1951, 29×27 cm
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