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Yuryevna Kuznetsova
born in 1968

Was born in Moscow.

1984-1988 - Studied at the Moscow art school of Memory of 1905. Primary teacher - father, the painter Yuri Kuznetsov.

1986 - First participation in art exhibition "Man and earth", Moscow, Kuznetsky most.

1989 - became a member Moscow Union of artists.


1995 - personal exhibition in Central house of artists.

1996 - personal exhibition in Central house of artists.

1997 - personal exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, exhibition hall Pokrovka street.

1998 - personal exhibition in the Museum of the city of Dzerzhinsk.

2001 - personal exhibition in THE, Moscow, Tverskaya str.

2001 - exhibition in the Russian house of science and culture in Berlin.

2001 - personal exhibition in the International Art Fund.

2002 - exhibition "Moscow and Muscovites to the city day", Moscow, Begovaya street.

2004 - exhibition "Moscow 2004", Russia, Moscow, Kuznetsky most.

2004 - Russian exhibition, February 2004, Krymskaya embankment

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