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Vasilevich Kiselev
Biography and information

Honored artist of the RSFSR. A landscape painter. Teacher, public figure In 1970, he created the national art gallery at home, participated in the creation of other popular galleries in the RSFSR. Born in the village of Ulyanovo in Kaluga region in 1914. Studied in 1933−1937 in the Moscow art-industrial College named. M. I. Kalinina, V. N. Tank-sheeva and S. F. Nikolaev, in 1946−1955 from the Moscow state pedagogical Institute. V. P. Potemkin, V. N. Yakovlev and V. N. Meshkov. Participant of art exhibitions since 1940. Major works: "Golden sunset" (1938), "Book chamber. Spring" (1940), "the Way of the fisherman" (1960), "Forest trail" (1960, voronovskaya national art gallery), "Moscow sea" (1960, CX RSFSR), "Winter in Moscow" (1961), "Landscape. Ulyanov" (1962, CX RSFSR), "Winter's tale" (1963, SKH RSFSR), "Native motifs. A haystack" (1964, MK USSR), "Roses" (1965, CX USSR), "Ulyanovsk hills" (1965, CX RSFSR), "Sundown" (1966, MK RSFSR), "Summer day" (1967, CX USSR), "River Gypsy" (1967, Dankowski national art gallery), "Lights of Kaluga" (1977, MK RSFSR).

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Alexey Vasilevich Kiselev. Summer day
5,100,000.00 ₽
Summer day
Alexey Vasilevich Kiselev
1967-1967, 42×52 cm

Valera Ivanov
, April 21 03:29 PM 0
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Очень хорошая картина
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Alexey Vasilevich Kiselev. Summer day
5,100,000.00 ₽
Summer day
07.07.1967, 42×52 cm
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