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Nikolaevich Khokhryakov


(1857, Vyatka - 1928, ibid.)

In 1880 - 1882, under the patronage of Apollinaria Vasnetsov, he studied drawing and etching for free in St. Petersburg with a “person-school” - I. Shishkin, who believed that “it’s a sin to bury somewhere

such a talent in Vyatka. ” Under the influence of Shishkin, forcing his students in the winter, in the absence of the opportunity to go to sketches, copy photos, Khokhryakov begins to widely use photography in his works. By creatively processing the photo image, borrowing the composition and plot, the artist re-creates the mood in each drawing, a mood in tune with the inner world of the author. Member of the Association of Traveling Exhibitions (1884 - 1918). One of the founders of the Vyatka Art and History Museum, the first curator of the art gallery of this museum (1918 - 1928). Khokhryakova works are stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum im. A.S. Pushkin.


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