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Juan Batista Martinez
del Maso
Biography and information

Juan del Maso was not only one of the best students Diego VelazquezA: August 31, 1633, he married his daughter, Francis de Silva Velázquez i Pacheco. The magnificent celebration, organized in the palace church of Santiago in Madrid, was attended by the King of Spain Philip IV and his closest advisers. The place at the court of the newly-made son-in-law of Velázquez was provided: in 1634 the court painter transferred to the husband’s daughter the position of guardian of the gates of the Royal Chamber. And in 1643, del Maso became the personal artist of the heir to the Spanish throne prince of Asturias, who, in turn, became the godfather of the artist’s fifth child. After the sudden death of Prince del Maso, he retained his privileges and still worked at the Spanish royal court.

A detailed study of one of the famous works of the artist —in a special material Arthive.

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«Веласкес – друг, но истина дороже», – посчитали в киевском музее искусств имени Богдана и Варвары Ханенко. Провели скрупулезную экспертизу и выяснили, что из пяти шедевров только один отвечает своему заявленному названию. Из самых больших потрясений: оказалось, что копиями, а не оригиналами являются картины Диего Веласкеса и Антониса ван Дейка («Инфанта Маргрита Австрийская» и «Портрет мужчины…

Polina Borzova
, October 16 02:20 AM 1
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Отличная статья!
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Diego Velázquez, the court painter of King Philip IV, was one of the most significant masters of the Golden Age of Spanish painting, and he taught a number of pupils who continued his work. Our today's story is about the painter of the famous portraits of Infanta Margarita, his son-in-law, his slave and numerous protégés.

Alexander Soifer
, June 6 01:14 PM 0
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Спасибо за интересную работу! По моему, самое сильное влияние на Веласкеза произвёл не упомянутый в статье Караваджио.
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