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Peter Artsen (niderl. Pieter Aertsen; 1508(1508), Amsterdam — 1575, ibid) — Dutch painter. Also known by the nickname Peter Long (niderl. Lange Pier).

The son of chulochnyi from Amsterdam Art Peters. He studied in Antwerp at Alarta Class in 1535 he became a member of the local Guild of St. Luke. In the middle of the 1550-ies returned to Amsterdam to perform religious orders in 1563 given the rights of citizenship and remains in the city until his death.

Peter Aartsen first gained notoriety for his genre scenes ("the Milkmaid", 1543), which are often introduced Evangelical motives, giving the image of a didactic nature ("Christ with Martha and Mary", 1557), as well as numerous markets and of the insides of shops. Created religious and altar compositions, many of which were destroyed during the iconoclasm.

Information about his life and work leads Karel van Mander in his "Book of the artists".

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