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Gavrilovich Chirikov


Pupil Of Academy Of Fine Arts. The painter and drawing teacher of the Alexander Lyceum. (Kondakov)



"The court Stoker son." In 1782 entered the Academy of fine arts. Retired Betskoy. Had 2 silver medal. In 1794 issued with a certificate of 1 degree and a sword.


The Governor of Tsarskoye Selo, later the Imperial Alexander, Lyceum; painter, writer, son of a Royal Stoker, born on the 3rd of July, 1776, in St. Petersburg. Six years Charles was accepted into school at the Imperial Academy of Arts, where he then entered idiorrhythmic a graduate in painting classes at the Academy. Having the ability to draw, he was awarded for lalanie, architectural works and drawings from nature twice small silver medals. At the same time with a visit to the classes of the Academy of Arts, H. received 18 August 1795 with the rank of collegiate Registrar to serve in Drawing the whole fleet, which was made on 22 November 1796 in the rank of Secretary senior ports and where retired through illness on may 3, 1807. In the following, 1808, the 1st of November, H was determined again, the service Secretary of the Medico-philanthropic Committee, and in 1811, July 28th, did the tutor that had just opened at the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum, where he remained for 18 th November, 1841, until the retirement. In addition to the post of a tutor in high school, H. 28 January 1814, on the 24th of July 1817 was a teacher in the Noble Boarding house at the Lyceum. H was one of the most remarkable persons of Tsarskoye Selo, later the Imperial Alexander Lyceum, as for its long service in it, and the ability to deal with students. School Director A. F. Malinovsky in his record in 1811 he wrote that "to continue the service is excellent and is able to increase the rank worthy of his diligence and art in the supervision of pupils". In the memories of students of A. N. Yakhontova and count M. A. Korf H is a man of noble, kind, possessed of a smooth nature and amazing grace, as a result, despite its firmness, his relationship with students has never happened misunderstanding. Particularly C. was loved by the pupils of the Lyceum for the sympathy on his part and encouragement in their literary classes. The first time the existence of the Lyceum pupils, not using the right holiday at the parents ' home, often spent their free time from their teachers, including those from H. he often at home has made a literary club of high school students, among whom were Pushkin, under the direction of H. the same was published in the Lyceum caricature magazine, which among others was attended by Pushkin, A. D. illichevsky and A. I. Martynov. Sympathizing with and encouraging high school students in classes in literature, Charles himself was involved, although a special talent not possessed. He, before joining the service in the Lyceum, he wrote a long tragedy in verse, but did not print them and read them with students in MSS. Among them belongs the tragedy of the "hero of the North" who went to school in 1812, and as a result established the nickname Part in the Lyceum, known under the name of "Hero of the North". According to some individuals, a portrait of Pushkin, annexed to the first edition of the "Caucasian captive", published in 1822, in St. Petersburg, belongs to the work Hours; but according to others, it drew well-known K. P. Bryullov. H died in the rank of state Councilor, 31st January, 1853, and was buried at the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.

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