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About the life and work of Bozena remained little information. It is known that the artist Dating from 1636 he lived for many years in Italy. In his art was influenced by the school of Fontainebleau, as well as Raphael, Parmigianino, Guido Reni. The Dating of his paintings is of great difficulty. Bozhenov has written for the Notre Dame eleven works.

We are aware of only

there are few documents to learn about life and teachers Luben Vagina; as little is preserved of his paintings (of II work, ordered him to Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, survived only four). Becoming a master in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés (1629), he, in 1636, is sent to Italy, where he lives, probably several years. His "Madonna and child" (Paris, Louvre; London, NAT. Gal.; Nantes, musée des Beaux-arts; Rennes, musée des Beaux-arts), as well as large compositions on religious themes, for example, from a Museum in AIX-EN-proven-lo ("in the temple", "Nativity of Mary"), of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris ("the Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew", "Pieta") noted the influence of school Background-tenbo. However, a more important role in the creative biography of the artist played works by Raphael, Barocci, Correggio, and especially Parmigianino and Guido Reni (last Wogen owes its nickname "little Guido"). Looking at the four still life, signed with the name Vagina, it is possible ; to assume that the authors were two different artists ("still life with waffles" and "Five senses", Paris, Louvre; "Bowl of fruit", Rennes, musée des Beaux-arts, "still life with candle", Rome, Gal. Of recession). But archival documents, as well as common style - bold colours, exquisite elegance of the composition - suggests that the author of these still lifes (done, probably, before his departure to Italy) was one and the same artist - Vagen. Conditional and stylized, whimsical arabesques, cold and harmony - all this largely appeals to the images of Parmigianino. Created a subtle and perceptive artist, these paintings, like the works of Ira J. and La Stella, within the framework of the "Paris school" of the first half of the XVII century.

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