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Mi Fei

Mi Fei


Mi FEI was born in Taiyuan, in the era of the song dynasty. Main occupation - civil servant. In painting he became famous for his vague, poetic and free landscapes in which stains of mascara, applied with a flat brush, could be more impactful than lines and contours. In poetry he was a follower of the style of Li Bai and calligraphy — Wang Xizhi. As a calligrapher, he became most famous and was considered one of the four best calligraphers of the song dynasty. Mi FEI was considered by his contemporaries a very eccentric person and his antics got the nickname Mi Crazy. So, once he gathered the stones and declared one of them his older brother, worshipping him as the oldest member of the family. It is also known that Mi FEI abused alcohol.

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