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He was a serf of the Tver Bishop's house, he studied icon-painting skills from D. Kryzhova (1772-1777). He then continued his education at school G. I. Kozlov, in which a young kamezhenkov stayed for about three years. In 1785 she released her decree about the release of E. D. Kamezhenkova from bondage. By this time the name of the artist was well known in St. Petersburg — he played high-quality portraits, which felt some impact of D. G. Levitsky. Ed kamezhenkov visited the military service (1791-1793), lived in St. Petersburg, in Moscow, in the city of Kashin and last years in the village of Sablino Tver province. In 1787, the Portrait of a young man ed kamezhenkov received the title of "appointed" in academics, in 1794 he was awarded the title of academician.

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