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The representative of the Bologna academic. Born in Bologna on 15 may 1628. Studied at D. B. del Cairo, and F. Albani. In painting Chinian felt a strong passion for the art of Correggio, that can be seen in the fresco of the Dormition of the Theotokos at the Cathedral in forlì (1683-1706). Among the other works of the artist, note the picture of Adam and eve and the two versions of the song Joseph and Potiphar's wife. Cigani died in Forli on 6 September 1719.

Italian painter, the last great master of the Bologna school; was a disciple first of John.-B. Cairo, and then FR. Albani, and formed finally through the study of works of Carracci, Titian, and Correggio. Worked for the Bolognese churches, of the Italian aristocracy and higher clergy. Among other things, in the Bologna Palazzo Farnese he painted two large mural paintings: "King Francis the first, passing through Bologna, cares for the sick" and "Entry of Pope Paul III in Bologna". Having received from Pope Clement XI for his talent and works of the title of count, H. the last season he spent twenty years in Forli, doing fresco painting of the dome in the Church there C. Maria del Fuoco ("Taking the virgin into heaven"). When he went to Forli, Bologna Academy, where he was at that time Director of the papal appointment, voluntarily followed him there in its full composition. Paintings H., many in Italy, often found in the rest of Europe. They are available in the Munich Pinakothek, in the Dresden gallery, Vienna, Berlin, Braunschweig, Kassel and the Hague museums, the Imperial Hermitage and other collections. The most important among them — "Joseph and the wife of Interia" (in the Dresden gallery), "Taking the virgin into heaven" (with figures of a magnitude greater than nature, in the Munich Pinakothek), "the Birth of Jupiter" (ibid.) and "Otaliba Roman women" (in the Vienna Museum). In the Hermitage H presented the painting "mother's love". In all the works of his this artist is an excellent draughtsman and a pleasing colourist, smart in composition, but are capable of transferring only the external beauty and life, only captivating the viewers ' attention, but not arousing in him a deep feeling. Especially attractive to the artist the figures of the young women go.

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